Fibre Crafts ZA                                                                                                               February 2012

Carol Ellis

A 3 PLY YARN    (7 Wraps per inch / 2.5 cm)
Suitable for jerseys.


90g white tops or fleece.
Dye stock of 1 colour.


• Divide tops into three lots of 30g each.

• Mix 120 ml of Dye Stock:

1. Dye the first 30g with 60 ml (half) of the dye stock.
2. Dye the second 30g with 40 ml (two thirds of the remaining half) of the dye stock.
3. Dye the third 30g with 20 ml (the remaining dye stock).

• Spin 3 threads, one of each colour using Z twist.

• Ply the three threads together using S twist. While plying, keep each thread under tension and apart, separated by the fingers of the guiding hand.