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Gré Van Neerijnen

A VARIEGATED YARN   ( 7Wraps per inch / 2.5 cm)
Suitable for weaving. 


Corriedale tops.
Dye stock of 1 colour.
Sewing cotton or any other fine thread.


• Divide tops into three equal parts. Leave one part un-dyed.

• Dye one of the two remaining parts a dark shade and the other a light shade (e.g. shades of blue).

• Split tops into narrow strips. Take one strip each of the two colours and one white and lay them next to each other. Pull out a roving to the required thickness for spinning.
   Roll the roving loosely into a soft ball.

• Spin Z-twist firmly.

• S-ply immediately with fine thread so the twist does not set. This preserves the fluffiness of the yarn.