Fibre Crafts ZA                                                                                           February 2012

Eva Vermunt

A 2 PLY YARN: HAND SPUN AND LUREX    (12 Wraps per inch / 2.5 cm)
Suitable for evening wear: e.g. handbag, gilet etc

Corriedale tops. 
Silver lurex thread. 
Dye stock for one colour, or see note below. 


Dye tops any dark colour desired. 

Spin dyed tops finely, Z-twist. 

Ply S-twist with lurex thread. 

The single was spun from tops dyed with synthetic indigo.  The indigo is dissolved in a highly alkaline dye bath.  A chemical is added to remove the oxygen from the bath thus converting the indigo into a form which can be deposited on the fibre.  The fibre is dipped into the dye bath for a short period and when removed the exposure to air turns the fibre blue. 

This is a fascinating process and well worth trying.  It can be messy, therefore preferably done outdoors. It is a good project for a small group.  If you wish to try it, synthetic indigo, the necessary chemicals and recipe are available.