Fibre Crafts ZA                                                                              February 2012

Phyllis Craig 

A BEAD YARN (8 Wraps per inch / 2.5cm)
Suitable for any knitwear.


Merino tops. 
Dye stock for each of three colours. 


Divide tops into 3 lots. 

Dye each lot a different colour and card the three lightly together.   Do not over blend. 

Spin two singles Z-twist.  Firmly twisted singles are necessary because a lot of twist is removed as the bead yarn is produced. 

Start plying S-twist by attaching both singles to bobbin leader. 

To make a bead, hold one single taut and allow the other single to wrap loosely back and forth in one place until you have the required bead size.        

Continue plying and working beads at intervals.  It is advisable to alternate the singles in the bead making process.  That is, ply as normal then form a bead with the right hand yarn.  Ply again and form next bead with left hand yarn.  If you discover your finished yarn is over twisted you can again ply in the opposite direction (Z-twist) with a fine sewing thread to remove some of the twist.