Fibre Crafts ZA                                                                                                               February 2012

Elaine Wood

CURLED LOOP   (8 wraps per inch / 2.5 cm) 
Suitable for scarves and stoles.


White Corriedale tops
Dye stock for 2 colours


  • Divide the tops in half and dye each half a different colour (e.g. pink and green).
  • Spin two threads, one finer than the other, using Z twist. The finer thread must be more tightly spun than the thicker one.
  • Ply these two yarns using S twist. Hold the thicker core yam while pushing the finer yam up into loops. Loops will form naturally. 
These loops are inclined to catch on the flyer hooks at times, but practice will make handling easier.
  • The yam is plied Z twist once more with a fine commercial thread to bind the twist.

Reference: "The Essentials of Yam Design” by Mabel Ross.