Fibre Crafts ZA                                                                                        February 2012

Ans Sheppard

A NUB YARN (8 Wraps per inch / 2.5 cm)
Suitable for weaving.


Natural brown Merino tops.
Coloured fleece scraps left over from other projects (for every 90 g of brown tops use approximately 10 g of scraps)

Card the tops on a drum carder and form into a roving. Divide into two parts.
Card the coloured fleece scraps lightly together. 

First thread :
With one part of the tops spin tightly using Z-twist. This firm spinning is necessary for fixing the slubs later.
Second thread:

With the remaining tops spin the same as the first thread, but add a tiny piece of coloured fleece every 10 cm catching only the beginning of the slub and leaving the remainder of the tuft un-spun.

Ply the two threads using S-twist. The loose end of the slub will be caught in automatically.