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Audrey Kidson

SLUB YARN  ( 7 Wraps per inch / 2.5 cm)
Suitable for textured weaving or chunky knitting.


Corriedale tops.
 A small quantity brown fleece (or dyed pieces of tops) about 10 g for every 80 g tops.)


Divide tops into two equal parts to spin each on a separate bobbin.

To form slubs:

Hand card brown (or coloured) fleece. Do not form a rolag, just lift from carder and lay on table. Place a knitting needle on top and at the long side of the batt. Roll up, smoothing fibres as you go and then pull the roll off the knitting needle. It makes a long sausage. Pinch pieces off and lay in a suitable container. The slubs should taper with loose fibres at either end.

To spin:

Bobbin 1:
Divide tops into thin strips and spin Z twist fairly thinly. about the thickness of paper clip wire. Put in a lot of twist.

Bobbin 2
Divide tops into thin strips again and start spinning Z twist the same thickness as previous bobbin. At regular intervals pick up a piece of slub and join in using the tapered ends to attach at "top" and "bottom" of drafting zone. Do not break off main thread. Try to get a regular spacing of slubs while keeping your rhythm going.

To ply:

Wind each single-into a skein and steam to set twist. When dry, wind into balls over a core of paper or a rubber ball. Place balls in separate mixing bowls on either side of you as you sit at the wheel (don't use your lazy kate as it can be troublesome for this operation). Start plying S twist. When you come to a slub, pull the plain yarn out to 90º in order to wrap the slub. This will make the slub more stable. When you are finished plying, wind into skein and steam again. If desired, the finished skein can be overdyed for an unusual effect.

Acknowledgements to Rita Buchanan "Handwoven" Jan/Feb. 1994.