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Beaming the Warp 2

With somebody firmly tensioning the warp, put warp sticks right around the roller as you wind the second revolution.  The warp sticks to be used here are shown in the red ring.  These warp sticks cover all the knots and prevent the warp from distorting.

Now, place newspaper between the roller and the warp so that the paper is wound onto the back roller along with the warp. Continue to wind the tensioned warp and newspaper, both releasing the choke knots and replacing the paper as necessary, until the threading cross reaches the  front of the raddle.

If you need to warp your loom on your own: A-Bring the warp up and forward between the harness levers and B grasp the two warps with one hand at the front, hold the warp at tension and wind on with your other hand.

Raise the stings securing the threading cross so that you will have a good clear space to insert the cross-sticks.

Insert the cross-sticks, one at a time, in the same ‘shed’ as the threads securing the threading cross.

As shown, secure the cross-sticks in-between the guide threads that were tied onto the loom in the beginning.

Tie the cross-sticks together as shown.

On one of the warps, Grieg showed us that if the cross-sticks are not threaded through cleanly, problems can occur.  Don’t despair….

The spread of threads in the raddle helps to position the threads and the wayward threads can be threaded back into their correct positions through the cross-sticks. 

              The warp is now ready to be threaded through the heddles.  







Submitted by the Johannesburg Weavers and Spinners Guild