Former Projects

2010-2011: we worked with the Kilolo Star organization to build a well in Tanzania. (In the process, we raised $2,300.)

2011-2012:  we raised $1,770 to sponsor two children through World Vision (one in India, one in Colombia).


  • we raised $2,500 for Free the Slaves through the sale of Smencils, t-shirts, and pins and through donations
  • we also led a 30 day countdown to International Human Rights Day (December 10th; mark your calendars!)
2013-2014: we raised $3,700 for the FEED Foundation, specifically for FEED Peace, FEED Love, and FEED Nutrients.

Check out these pictures from our Smencil sales last year!                                                                                                                   (Below) Dominique Torres-Valera proudly displays                                                                                                                                                                                                                               her FEED can at the senior photo on the turf!