Seven UNB Fencers Compete at Boston ROC

Post date: Mar 21, 2017 2:55:42 AM

Seven UNB Fencers Compete at Boston ROC

March 17-19, 2017

Seven UNB fencers took part in the Bill Hall ROC held in Boston between March 17th and 19th, taking home one gold and two top-eight medals.

UNB’s Wendy Yano (top row, second from left), at the top of the podium in Friday’s Veteran Women’s Sabre Event.

In Women’s Sabre, Wendy Yano fenced the Veteran and Division (Div) 1A categories, claiming Gold in Veteran and 8th place in the Div 1A event. In the Veteran event, Wendy dominated, going undefeated in both the preliminary and elimination rounds. She faced a stiff challenge in her final, however, coming out with the win in a tight 10-9 victory over Connecticut fencer, Jennette Starks-Faulkner. In the Div 1A event, Wendy put on a strong performance in the preliminary round, winning all but one of her matches. In the elimination round, Wendy advanced to the Quarter-Finals with a pair of strong 15-9 and 15-10 victories but would eventually fall to first seed, Jessica Morales of Columbia.

In Men’s Sabre, Raphaël Bradley finished with seventh in Div 2 and 13th in Div 1A, while teammate Cameron Haigh finished with 13th in Div 2 and 15th in Div 1A.

In the Div 2 event, Raphaël and Cameron finished the preliminary round with 3-2 and 3-3 records, respectively. In the elimination round, Raphaël advanced to the Quarter-Finals after 15-6 and 15-13 victories but fell to the eventual gold medalist, Kyle Berney, from Brandeis University. Cameron won his first elimination bout in dominant fashion going 15-6 before falling to the second seed, Jahi Tracy, in the round of 16.

Left: Sunday’s Div 1A Women’s Sabre Podium Right: Saturday’s Div 2 Men’s Sabre Podium.

In Men’s Epee, club Epee coach, David Themens, finished 17th in Div 2 and 28th in Div 1A. Patrick Bradley, who coaches at Fredericton’s Damocles Fencing Club, finished 9th in Veterans, 18th in Div 2, and 39th in Div 1A. Calum Skidmore, who trains at both UNB and Damocles, finished 12th in Div 2 and 21st in Div 1A. First year, Joshua Dacanay, finished in 76th in Div 1A.

In the Div 2 event, the UNB fencers dominated their competition in the preliminary round with David finishing with the 4th seed, Patrick the 7th seed, and Calum the 15th. In the elimination round, Calum advanced to the round of 16 with a strong 15-7 win but fell to Bay State fencer, and eventual bronze medalist, Javier Garcia-Albea. Both Patrick and David struggled early in the elimination round suffering 13-12 and 15-14 upsets to their respective opponents.

In the Div 1A event, the UNB fencers put on respectable prelim performances with Patrick, Calum, David, and Josh finishing the preliminary rounds with the 21st, 26th, 46th, and 75th seeds, respectively. In the elimination rounds, both David and Calum advanced to the round of 32, while Patrick suffered an upset in the round of 64 to New York fencer, Benjamin Rogak, and Joshua lost to Brandeis University’s Jake Tyler. In the round of 32, Calum would fence the US East Coast’s #4, Udaypaul Chilana, falling to the Boston College Freshman 15-10. David would fence 1996 Bulgarian Olympian, Iliya Mechkov, losing 15-9.

In the Veteran event, Patrick put on another dominating preliminary round performance, finishing with the 3rd seed. His elimination round struggles continued, however, as he was upset by New England fencer Michael Byrne, 10-7 in the round of 16.

In Men’s Foil, Joshua Dacanay finished in 81st