2014 NB Open Results

Post date: Nov 25, 2014 5:07:15 PM

The UNB Fencing Club hosted and participated in the 2014 NB Open tournament on the weekend of November 22-23. The tournament, which was held at the Richard J. Currie Center, was the first New Brunswick tournament of the season and saw UNB’s club take home 5 medals in three events.

Raphael Bradley was the club’s only double medalist on the weekend, winning a silver in the Senior Sabre event and a bronze in Junior Sabre. Along with Raphael, Cameron Haigh medalled in the Junior Sabre event, capturing a bronze in the same event. In the Senior Sabre event, Wendy Yano, a member of Canada’s Senior Women’s National Sabre Team and currently training at UNB took home a bronze medal. UNB’s final medal was in the Senior Epee event, where David Themens captured a silver medal after a hard fought 15-13 defeat to Scott MacGregor of the Fundy Fencing Club. David also competed in the Senior Sabre and Foil events, finishing in 7th in Open Sabre but having to withdraw from Open Foil due to an injury before completing the event.

UNB’s other results included:

    • Kevin Watmough – 5th in Junior Sabre

    • Garreth McGrath – 8th in Senior Sabre and 11th in Senior Epee

    • Peter Short – 9th in Senior Epee, 10th in Senior Sabre and 13th in Senior Foil

    • Jacob Jakobsen – 9th in Senior Sabre and 12th in Senior Foil

    • Elmira Onagh – 9th in Junior Sabre and 11th in Senior Sabre

    • Ben Daisley – 15th in Senior Foil

UNB Fencers Wendy Yano, David Themens and Raphael Bradley will be travelling to Montreal next weekend to participate in the first Canada Cup event of the 2014-15 season. The next fencing event in New Brunswick will be the Alfred Knappe Team Tournament, once again hosted by the UNB Fencing Club, on the weekend of January 31-February 1 of 2015. Come cheer on your UNB Fencers as they once again go for the gold! If you are interested in trying fencing or learning more about the sport, please visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/unbfencing, or email fencing.unb@gmail.ca.

Full results from the tournament can be found here.