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نرخ خرید و فروش املاک پایتخت؛

سوییت‌های تهران چند؟ +جدول

اقتصاد آنلاین - تقی کاظمی : آنچه در زیر می‌آید جدول قیمت معاملات انجام شده سوییت در تهران می باشد. لازم به ذکر است که این ارقام مربوط به اعلام سامانه مشاورین املاک کشور می باشد:

کلید واژه ها

 قیمت مسکن  سوییت

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Translations of suite
sequence, trail, tail, series, sequel, suite
string, field, thread, series, strand, suite
dynasty, series, chain, string, succession, suite
entourage, retinue, attendance, suite
henchmen, cortege, retinue, escort, attendance, suite
قطعه موسیقی
suite, opus, concerto
clientele, suite
رشته مسلسل
continuum, suite
apartment, flat, tenement, chamber, partition, suite
اتاق مجلل هتل

Definitions of suite
a set of rooms designated for one person's or family's use or for a particular purpose.
The kitchen area, which will serve smaller suites of dining rooms, is extensive enough to ensure that guests will not be eating sandwiches.
a set of instrumental compositions, originally in dance style, to be played in succession.
His division of works into dance suites and more serious music is essentially the same as Corelli's distinction between sonate da camera and sonate da chiesa.
a set of programs with a uniform design and the ability to share data.
All the programs in the suite have a coherent design, even when you start getting into their more complex settings, and it's in this usability that McAfee is head and shoulders above any of its rivals.
a group of people in attendance on a monarch or other person of high rank.
At twelve precisely of that day, Queen Victoria and her suite entered London, coming from Scotland where she had been residing for some time.
synonyms: apartment, rooms, set of rooms, flat
a group of minerals, rocks, or fossils occurring together and characteristic of a location or period.
The subalkaline character of the magmatic activity, combined with the prevalence of acidic effusive rocks, is characteristic of an orogenic suite developed on continental crust.