1. Fandanzel

A Haunting Tale in the Forest
Fandanzel’ is a fox but not just any old fox. He is a pioneer, almost human in fact. Come with him on his journey and meet his friends. He has many adventures as he struggles through the cold winter and explores during the warmer months.
Fandanzel is an exciting new children’s booked. Fandanzel is created to raise awareness amongst young and old readers alike, of nature and the countryside in a creative way, taking them on a journey that is factual and explanative, but fictionally exciting, with lots of focus on the haunting mystery of nature.

The characters are born out of real life observations, but with a very different twist to the norm. This story offers the reader a most enchanting viewpoint on life in the English countryside, and the majesty of the surrounding forest and moors.

Revisit your childhood with this enchanting tale, for old and young alike. Make a cup of cocoa, crack open the shortbread and read this yourself; then read it to the children.
 Quest for the Mystical Meadow

Fandanzel Fox goes forth, with this sequel to the ever popular, Haunting Tale in the Forest. Again, it is set on the Cheshire and Derbyshire border, and the story echoes the adventures of young James and his friend Alex.  The boys are two heroes, who encounter Fandanzel in their fictional environmental quests.

The Fandanzel series was created to raise awareness amongst young and older people alike, of our countryside, and threats to its ecology from human influence.

This second book, takes the reader on a roller coaster read, through an enchanting fact and fiction rich tale. There is lots of focus on the issues of modern day development of our landscapes, and the haunting mystery of nature.

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