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ING rules are applied, 6 round MacMahon, basic time limit 60 minutes, Ing's overtime 3x10 min, two points penalty for each starting period, then sudden death, komi 7,5.

First round 
pairing will be done according to the current rating.

Placement criteria: MM, SDOS, SOS.

New players will be set to rank 20 kyu.
Everybody must keep silence in playing places; mobile phones and noisy equipment are prohibited.
Organizers can change time schedule etc. and don’t pay any player’s expenditures.
Registering into the tournament players agree to comply with tournament rules and instructions of the organizer.

The first three players out of different countries in both, U12 and U16 categories, will qualify for the World Championship. The placement criteria: MM (if more players have the same MM qualification is decided by drawing lots).