EYGC 2011 Brno:

1. Vladyslav VERTELECKYI (UA)
2. Stepan POPOV (RU)
Team for the World championship: Verteleckyi, Popov (direct qualification) + State (wins the draw)

1. Mateusz SURMA (PL)
2. Vanessa WONG (UK)
3. Alexander VASHUROV (RU)

1. Pavol LISY (SK)
3. Lukas KRAEMER (DE)

1. Pal BALOGH (HU)
2. Jan SIMARA (CZ)
3. Ondrej KRUML (CZ)

13.3. 20:00 The 16th EYGC in Brno is over. The organizing team (tired in the moment) would like to thanks to all who helped us (financially, by borrowing the material, service in the hotel etc.).
13.3 15:30 In this moment, the last game is running in U16. Other results are online.
13.3. 13:00 The last round just started. The younger groups of organizers expressed their happiness that it was the last time when they had to verify 120 go stones sets for completeness. The pairing is online.
13.3. 11:03 It seems that the winners of EYGC are with high probability decided: Pavol Lisy from Slovakia, Mateusz Surma from Poland and Vladyslav Verteleckyi from Ukraine won all their games. Results are online.
13.3. 9:42 Stepan Popov has another fast win.
13.3. 9:00 The 5th round started. Pairing: U12 Verteleckyi - Krushetnytskyi, State - Popov; U16 Mykhaliuk - Surma, Vashurov - Wong; U20 Lin - Lisy, Kraemer - Jabarin, Mitic - Ruzhanskyi.

12.3. 18:00 Photogallery by Sheery here. Results are at the Brno go club page.
12.3. 17:20 Vladyslav Verteleckyi and Mateusz Surma won and they are on the best route to be the European champion under 12 and under 16, respectively. Pavol Lisy won again and he is the only unbeated player in U20.
12.3. 16:15 Stepan Popov and Vladyslav Verteleckyi are still fighting in U12. You can follow top games in U16 on KGS.
12.3. 15:15 The 4th round started. After the games, two entertainment events will be organised: large scale simultaneous games against O. Silt + other strong players will start at 17.00. The firework show will start later.
12.3. 14:55 The 4th round will be very important for the decision of European champions. The only two unbeated players will play together both in U12 (Popov - Verteleckyi) and U16 (Wong - Surma). The round will start now and full pairing will be on the net soon.
12.3. 13:30
The results of 3rd round are online.
12.3. 10:35
Stepan Popov already won - so fast! - the third game.
12.3. 10:15
Judith van Dam from the EuroGoTV put many nice photos at eurogotv.com.
12.3. 10:10
Yesterday we had some visits: journalists from Brno's newspaper Rovnost published an article in today's issue and the main Czech TV, CT1, broadcast 3 live minutes from the tournament. Kim Sung Rae and Ondrej Silt spent about one and a half hour discussing the tournament games on a big board in front of a large audience. 
12.3. 9:50
Pairing for the 3rd round is done. U12: Popov - Krushektnytskyi, Verteleckyi-Dobronas; U16: Vashurov-Surma, Wong-Nae, Mykhaliuk-Hamrah; U20: Lisy-Jabarin, Lin-Mitic, Podpera-Kraemer.

11.3.18:30 Results of the second round are online. See also some photos from the tournament
11.3. 15.40 Side tournament (renamed as U99 :-) will start in 20 minutes. Pal Balogh, Jan Simara, Ondrej Kruml, Julius Wang, Bronislav Snidal, vicemayor of the South Moravia region Stanislav Juranek and other players will fight for the glory and 200 Euro. Pairing is online.
11.3. 15:10 2nd round just started.

11.3. 14:50 Pairing for the 2nd round is made. U20: Jabarin-Lin, Mitic-Lisy, Eerbeeck-Kraemer, Podpera-Ruzhanskyi. U16: Surma-Toma, Wong-Hamrah, Vashurov-Mykhaliuk. U12: Popov-Pylypchuk, Verteleckyi-State. Full pairing at the Brno go club page.
11.3. 14:30 Results from the first round are at the Brno go club page.
11.3. 10:30 Professional player Kim Sung Rae together with Ondrej Silt will comment the games. You can watch live top boards at EurogoTV and KGS.
11.3., 10:15 The first round started at 10:15. Number of participants: 52 in the category Under 12 (U12), 45 in U16, 23 in U20. Main favourites: Stepan Popov (1d) in U12; Vanessa Wong (4d), Mateusz Surma (5d) and Alexander Vashurov (4d) in U16; Ali Jabarin (6d), Victor Lin (5d), Pavol Lisy (5d), Nikola Mitic (5d), Lukas Podpera (4d) in U20.