Participate in a study

In our linguistic research, much of the data is gathered from student participation in our experiments. As a student, you have the opportunity to participant in a number of experiments. Participation in our experiments presents students with a glimpse into the world of experimental research in linguistics. If you are thinking about becoming a research assistant, participating in research experiments is a great way to learn more about the techniques and methods behind linguistic research. Many students claim that they learn a great deal from these studies simply by participating. The opportunity to earn extra credit is also available in many cases, depending on the course. Please speak to a professor regarding their experiment participation extra credit policy

Become a research assistant

The Comparative and Experimental Syntax Lab frequently has openings for Research Assistants (RAs). Participating in linguistic research as an RA is an excellent opportunity for those planning to apply to graduate school. Additionally, participating as an RA may possibly lead to involvement in an independent study.

Undergraduate students, especially Sophomores and Juniors, are encouraged to apply through Aresty Research Center. Applicant interviews usually take place towards end of the Spring semester, in accordance with the timeframe provided by the Aresty program. Please check their application page for more information.