Three new Aresty RA will be joining the lab in the Fall:

    Matthew Lodder,  Honors College, majoring in Linguistics

    Paul Mera, native Speaker of Haitian Creole and a physical science major

    Shruti Sureskrishnan, Computer Engineering Major.

     Viviane  on leave.

     Congratulations to Krysta !  Krysta is graduating with honors, defended her      undergraduate thesis entitled 'A comparison of the interpretation of definite plurals in L1 English, L1     French, and L2 French' will be inducted in the Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society and has accepted a full         time position as a Research Assistant at the Language and Learning Laboratory of the Moss             Rehabilitation Research Institute !  CONGRATULATIONS !

    Luca and
Viviane gave a talk at LSRL 46 at the University of Delaware

        Viviane presented work based on Krysta and Mason's research on the creole plurals in Guadeloupe

     Jeremy and Viviane' s paper on the intonation and context influence on negative             dependencies in French has been accepted for publication.

  •  Krysta Duquette and Mason Mc Kenzy will present the results of their year long research in an absolutely beautiful poster entitled : Maximality in French Based Plurals  at the Rutgers 12 th Undergraduate Aresty Symposium on April 29 th. Congratulations Krysta and Mason !

  • Jeremy Yeaton  will present his thesis research on the prosodyy of French Negative Sequencence in a poster at the 12 th Rutgers Undergraduate Aresty Symposium on April 29th. Congratulations Jeremy !
  • Jeremy has been awarded the Rutgers Chancellor Leadership award ! Congratulations Jeremy !

  • Mason has been accepted in the MICEFA program and will be off to PARIS for a year of high quality Parisian Linguistics !  Congratulations Mason !!!

  • The ANR pre-project:  ' ARX : a key gene involved in language and motor emergence' PI: Aurore Curie (L2C2) in which we are collaborators has passed a first round of selection !

  • Jeremy and Viviane will be presenting their negation results at CLS 52 in Chicago in April.

  • Viviane has been invited to present her work at a colloquium at the University of Nice- Sophia Antipolis, May 12 th.

  • Viviane has been invited to be a participant in the Second Worshop on Negation, Singlish and Negation in Singlish, Paris III May 3rd.

  • Funding for the SEEPICLA network we participate in has been renewed through 2020 !

FALL 2015
    • Luca  succesfully defended his QP and Advanced to Phd Candicacy !
    • Jeremy  Graduated ! Jeremy defended his Undergraduate Honors Thesis both in the Linguistics Department and in the French Department earning Highest Honor in both Departments a historical first !  CONGRATULATIONS  Jeremy !
  • Talks

  Invited Speaker: Viviane Deprez Number Marking and Familiarity Workshop on              Gender and Number in  Romance, University of Wuperthal, Germany, October     in-romance-linguistic-theory-acquisition-and-methodology.html

    Achimova, A. Deprez, V. Mussolino, J. The Subject/Object asymmetry in Questions            with  Quantifiers: syntax or discourse ? Worshop on Linguistic and Cognitive Aspect         of  Quantification, October 16-17 2015, Budapest, Hungary

     Invited Speaker: Deprez, V. Workshop on Negation, Singlish and Negation in                     Singlish.  What Creole  can  reveal about  Strict Negative Concord. University Paris         3, Paris 7.  Sept 25 th.   Paris, France.

  • Summer Talks:

  • Deprez, Viviane On the status of Negation in Strict Negative Concord: full or expletive ? Workshop of the Research Group Structure, Emergence and Evolution of Pidgin and Creole Languages (Seepicla), June 22-23 , Lisboa: FLUL., University of Lisbon June 22-23

    Deprez, Viviane Variation in French Based Creole Negative Concord: Stepping out of Simplicity. SYMILA (Syntactic Microvariation in Languages)  Worshop: June 11-12 Toulouse, France.



  • Viviane is off to Campinas Brazil to present joint Experimental work with Maria-Teresa Espinal, Susagna Tubau and Anne Cheylus on Catalan Negative Concord at the 45 th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages !   LSRL 45

  • Maria Espinal presented our joint Experimental work on Catalan Negative Concord with Susagna Tubau and Anne Cheylus in Paris !

  • Marla and Taralyn jointly presented a poster entitled 'Comparing Definite Determiner in French Based Creoles'  at the April 2015 Aresty Undergraduate Symposium !

  • Omar and Safa jointly presented a poster entitled 'L2 French Negative Preferences' at the April 2015 Aresty Undergraduate Symposium !

  • Jeremy wins a prestigious Benjamin Franklin travel grant from the French Ambassy to support summer research in Lyon France at the L2C2 Laboratory !

  • Luca presented his research entitled 'Headed Agreement by Correspondence in Basque Disharmonic Roots' at WCCFL 33 !

  • Luca presented his joint work with Dr. Akin Akinlabi at ACAL !