Industry Facts

“…a wound containing foreign material is
highly susceptible to infection even if few microorganisms are present.”

Guidelines for Prevention of Surgical Wound Infections from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

“… it would be prudent for perioperative nurses to consider methods to reduce the levels of airborne particulates that may serve as vectors to increase the transport of microbes in the OR environment.”

“Airborne Particulates in the OR Environment” AORN Journal by C. Edmiston – June 1999

Lint fiber clinging to the edge of a scalpel
Bacteria on lint

“Lint particles are disseminated into the environment where bacteria can attach to them. This bacteria carrying lint may settle in surgical sites and wounds with the resultant increase in postoperative patient complications.”

AORN 2008 Standards, Recommended Practices

“There is often a failure to recognize that particulate contamination can cause significant post-procedural complications when less invasive cardiovascular or cerebral vascular procedures are performed...”

“Lint and Particle Contamination During Diagnostic and Interventional Procedures in the Cardiac Catheterization Lab” Cath Lab Digest - Sept 2006