Clinical Studies 

Embolism -- “Unintentional foreign body emboli remain common in modern angiographic practice and are probably underappreciated clinically. Particulate embolization, which is usually a cotton fiber, is present in as many as 25% of resected arteriovenous malformations….”

Shannon P, Billbao JM, Marota T, et al. Inadvertent foreign body embolization in diagnostic and therapeutic cerebral angiography. Am J Neuroradiology Feb 2006; 27: 278-282

Stent Thrombosis -- 1997 study of coronary stent implants found: “42% of patients with stent thrombosis had particulates (glove powder and lint fibers) enmeshed with the thrombi”

Whelan D, Van Beusekron H, Van Der Giessen W. Foreign body contamination during stent implantation Catheterization and Cardiovascular Diagnosis March 1997; 40 (3): 328-332