EasterBelles' Parade Guidelines

EasterBelles' Membership:  This is a parade to celebrate women.  However, we are pleased for others, fashionably dressed, to participate in the Easter Parade by escorting, driving or strolling. 

The EasterBelles' Easter Parade in 2013 will benefit our friends who are going through chemotherapy...they need a very special kind of bonnet.  To be a member of The EasterBelles and participate in the Easter Parade, simply make a donation of any amount to this effort.  Thank you...for your contribution and celebrating our day!

Meetings:   This is not an organization that will have frequent meetings.  Instead, our membership meets once a year surrounding our holiday.  Easter Sunday is always marked on everyone's calendar.

Conveyances:   Parade participants' choice of conveyance is either horse drawn carriage or by convertible automobile.  Carriages will form the beginning of the procession with convertibles following.  Carriage expense is borne by each member contracting for such service.  Ladies can either enlist their own convertibles or ask for referrals.

Strollers:  Any EasterBelle who chooses to walk may do so providing her attire meets EasterBelle requirements -- tasteful and always fashionable.

Communications:   The Eureka Springs EasterBelle's founder and organizer Cné Breaux's cell phone is 479-295-5700 or you can email her, by clicking MyEmail.  You can also reach us at ESEasterBelles@gmail.com.

Sponsorship:  The EasterBelles welcomes parade sponsorships to defray the costs incurred by individuals participating in the parade.  Each sponsor will be acknowledged for their participation as agreed upon by the EasterBelles.

Staging Areas:  
 1)  Gavioli Chapel is the rendezvous point for the beginning of the parade.  Carriages, Convertibles, and Strollers will assemble, present our parade's featured organization, and a light refreshment "Toast" will be shared.
 2)  Crescent Hotel is the final destination for the 2013 parade.  EasterBells will enjoy the Crescent Hotel's Easter Sunday Brunch with their families after their parade.  Reservations are advised.