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“Our Civil War Heritage”
It is the 150th anniversary of the war and 150 years since the forming of West Virginia.
The purpose of the show will not be to glorify the horrors of war, but to document history.

Fall Date is Sept. 27 to 29, 2013 during the 60th annual Heritage Weekend.
Hours will be Friday 12 noon to 6 pm, Sat 9 am to 9 pm, and Sunday 9 am to 5 pm.
Location will be the South Branch Inn.  1500 US highway 220 North   Moorefield, WV 26836
There is no admission charge!
Activities include a huge historical photographic display of the war, living histories, battle reenactments, seminars and discussions, historical collections, etc. These will take place in various parts of Grant and Hardy counties.

We are currently inviting interesting historians who will present short seminars and discussions during the weekend.
We are currently inviting interesting individuals who portray various historical figures. These will present short seminars and discussions during the weekend.

Check back often as information concerning who, what, and when will be updated as the information becomes available.

The display will include:
1.   There will be historical information, maps, and images for the area around the South Branch Valley which will not be seen in any other venue!
2.  There will be information, histories, maps, and images from other areas of the country.
3.  Several dozen historical maps will be on display. Some of these were done by commercial printers to show the rest of the nation the location and status of battles and the war. Others were made so the armies could find their way around the local hollows, rivers, and mountains  Many of these are wonderful hand drawn maps which include local family's names. Some of the maps were made for propaganda. In addition there will be a history of mapping during the Civil War. Mapping during the Civil War
4.  There will be a large display of the actual portraits made 150 years ago of the people we read about in history.
5.  Many inspiring images of the war sites and the participants taken 150 years ago will be shown.
6.  The horrors of war can be seen in the devastation that was wrought on cities and peoples.
7.  Modern images of the same locations will be shown alongside the actual pictures taken 150 years ago.
8.  A large informative display the part the railroads had during the war will be on hand which compares north and south railroads. Also many wonderful pictures of the railroads, the stations, bridges, and people from 150 years  ago will be included. 
9.  The railroad engineers and their amazing activity will be included.
10. A comprehensive display of the daring photographers who made these images will be shown. The display includes these men in action 150 years ago. It is amazing what these photographers had to do on the battlefield with bullets flying to prepare the chemicals, coat the glass plates, take the images, develop the images, and carry all that equipment, chemicals and glass plates over ruff fields across the country in a horse drawn wagon.
11. Comprehensive individual histories of the photographers will included.
12. Pictures, information, and histories of the use of balloons during the Civil War will be on display.
13. Actual currency and postage stamps from 150 years ago (CSA) will be displayed as well as more modern philatelic
14. A very large and interesting display of Abraham Lincoln, his family, activities, and history will be shown with many actual images and documents never before seen.
15. Newspapers during the war will be displayed. There are newspapers detailing the surrender of Lee and the end of the war, as well as the Emancipation Proclamation, and the Gettysburg Address when these had been given. There are announcements of McNeill's Rangers destroying a wagon train in Burlington as well as other interesting stories.
16. Important letters, telegrams, and other correspondence  will be displayed. This will include R. E. Lee's handwritten surrender as well as his handwritten thank you and "General Order" for his armies to surrender.
17. A display of medical activities during the war will be on display along with a living history.
18. There will be an interesting display of the ships including the monitors and other ironclads during the Civil War.
19. Did you know there was a submarine during the Civil War? See actual pictures and the history of CSS Hunley.
20. Did you know there were aircraft carriers during the Civil War? Come, see, and find out.
21. An ancestor of General Herman Haupt will be on hand sharing interesting stories, images, and other information.
22. See the five page Emancipation Proclamation, historical fancy copies, and history of this important document.
23. See three of the five copies of the Gettysburg Address, pictures of Lincoln delivering the Gettysburg Address, newspapers reporting on the address, letters to Lincoln about that delivery, as well as history of that event.
24. There will be pictures, history, and information about Belle Boyd the famous Confederate spy. (You might even get to see and meet Belle Boyd!)
25. There will be pictures, history, and information about other Civil War activities in Martinsburg,WV.
26. There will be pictures, history, and information about Robert E. Lee and his horse Traveler.
27. There will be pictures, history, and information about many other historical persons including Grant, McClellan, Custer, Sherman, Sheridan, Meade, Burnside, Stonewall Jackson, Jubal Early and others.
28. There will be one of the largest displays of the history of the McNeill Rangers on display along with pictures.
29. On display will be copies of some of the famous and wonderful paintings done of Civil War scenes by Thure de Thulstrup, J. O. Davidson, Alonzo Chappel, Norman Price, and others.
30. There will be a display of images of the Lincoln Assassination and Conspirators.
31. There will be a display of what the troops had to endure during the winter.
32. There will be entertaining local modern reenactment pictures on display.
33. There will be artifacts and other memorabilia on display.
and oh so much more!

34. Fort Mulligan in Grant County and other Civil War sites will be highlighted and can be visited. Many of these will have special unique activities going on providing some special photo opportunities.
35. Directions to and information about the Civil War Trails program will be presented. There are ten Civil War markers in Hardy County and six in Grant County. http://www.visithardy.com/civil-war/wv-civil-war-history/

36. Directions to and information about Greenland Gap and the battle that was fought there will be presented.

37. There will be a display of various cameras used during and soon after the Civil War to see and enjoy.

38. There will be a special display of the battle of Gettysburg. This will include the events and re-enactments that took place during June and July at the 150th anniversary of the battle. Also come and see images of the 150th illumination that took place on June 30th, 2013.

39. There will be some interesting images and information from the Civil War Museum in the Old Courthouse Winchester, Va. This includes the Civil War graffiti one of which is the Union prisoner's curse of CSA President Jefferson Davis. 

40. Come see a recruitment poster asking for volunteers from Pendleton, Highland, Hardy, Hampshire, and other surrounding counties (which now includes Grant and Mineral Counties) to "drive back the invading foot of a brutal and desperate foe" defending our homes and firesides in honor of our wives and daughters... A very interesting local Civil War item!

41. There will be a number of images and history of the famous ship USS Kearsarge that stopped and sunk the "pirate" Alabama.

42. The will be on display a "Bucktail" and the history of that famous regiment.

43. On display will be an actual musket which was bought back from the Civil War by a soldier from Maine. This has been in my family's home for 150 years.

44. Here are some of the wonderful things to be seen from the collection of Bill & Edna Wood. The actual hand written roll for Company F, 7th Virginia Cavalry, Second Brigade, Second Division, Army of Northern Virginia. There will be a number of bills of sales for slaves from Hardy county from over 150 years ago. One is from 1787. Yes the actual hand written bill of sale for a slave from over 225 years ago! There are receipts from buying some of the land in Hardy Co. from over 200 years ago. There are several legal documents from the Civil War dealing with salt rationing in Hardy Co. There are letters about problems when the Yankees went to their home during the Civil War pillaging things and after when the family requested compensation for damages. There also is an actual hand written document from Rosser's Brigade and a foraging order in this part of the country. To be seen is the actual legal loan agreement between the Wood family and the Confederate States of America dated October 21, 1862. There are several rare Civil War pictures of Gen. Robert E. Lee. In addition there will be more family items from the Civil War on display.

There are a number of local reenactor groups including Hardy County's McNeill's Rangers, Grant County's 7th WV Inf. Camp #7 Sons Of Union Veterans, the WV home guard, as well as several very active reenactors who regularly are invited to some of the larger reenactments held in various parts of the country. 
These groups will have Civil War Living History and reenactments . 

Mr. William Wood and his wife Edna have a wonderful unique collection of their family’s Civil War heirlooms. These will be on display with a presentation from Mr. & Mrs. Wood.

On Saturday, "Relics of the South Branch and Potomac Valleys" by Shaun Dorsey of Keyser, WV will be on display. This includes relics recovered over the last 30 years of the Union and Confederate armies. Including artillery shells, buckles, buttons, bullets etc. There will also be a few other items that have been collected. 

Local very active historians include Mr. Kenny Shobe, and Mr. David Judy both with the McNeill's Rangers, Mr. Randy Ours with the 7th WV Inf. Camp #7 Sons Of Union Veterans, Mr. Nick Korolev artist, writer, and historian, Mr. Steven Smith,as well as other avid Civil War buffs. No doubt you will enjoy meeting and spending time with these as well as exploring some of the historical sites. 

On January 22, 2013 our area lost one of our foremost historian, friend, and neighbor, Mr. Harold Garber who wrote interesting historical articles for three newspapers each week. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.
We are within an hour from Winchester, Va. and all the battles fought in the Shenandoah Valley, Romney, New Creek, Franklin, WV, McDowell, Va. etc. 

In addition, there will be excursions and classes. 
The number of pre-registrations will determine the number of these excursions and classes.
Please let me know as early as possible your interests as I need to arrange people to lead any excursions and classes.

60th Annual Heritage Weekend
The 60th annual Heritage Weekend has a tremendous amount of events and things for all in the family to do.
Please come early to enjoy all the activities and if possible stay the whole weekend you won't be disappointed!
Link to the Heritage Weekend website for more information:

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Looking for next year's show in 2014???
Next year's shows will be featuring vintage cars and trucks. It will be called  Escape to the Mountains 2014 "Our Automotive Heritage".

It will be shown in the spring at the Landes Arts Center for two months ending with Spring Mountain Festival.
In the fall it will be shown during Heritage Weekend in Hardy County.
Don't miss it!

Looking for the web site with the historical camera collection ?
Here it is:
That site is under construction and may take some time to complete due to the shear volume of cameras.