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What follows is a brief introduction to the long intellectual history of anti-CFR, anti-Illuminati, and anti-Rockefeller arguments.  This is an ongoing work-in-progress and newer editions will be forthcoming.

There are literally many hundreds of books, pamphlets, and articles from the 1920's forward which discuss "hidden” or “invisible” government or a "hidden hand" or "secret societies" behind political developments,  as well as "plots for world domination" whose principals are described variously as communists, Bolsheviks, Jews, freemasons, Illuminati, insiders, a power elite, international bankers, Trilateralists, Bilderbergers, zionists, followers of Cecil Rhodes, or other perceived noxious “alien” or "subversive" characters.   In 2019, we can add “Deep State”.

The evidence cited in early 20th century sources is often identical to, or it expands upon, the evidence used in subsequent anti-CFR, anti-Illuminati, and anti-Rockefeller publications produced by conspiracy groups like the John Birch Society.


J.J. Mounier: On the Influence Attributed to Philosophers, Freemasons, and to the Illuminati on the Revolution of France (London: W.C. Spilsburg, 1802, 269pp)


Seth Payson: Proof of the Real Existence and Dangerous Tendency of Illuminism (England: 204pp; reprinted in the U.S. in 2003 by Invisible College Press (Woodbridge VA, 204pp).


Hermann Gruber:  Illuminati (published in Volume VII, p661 of The Catholic Encyclopedia; New York: Robert Appleton Company)

Illuminati:               in Vol. 7, [1910, p661]

secret societies:      in Vol. 14, [1912, p71]

masonry (freemasonry):  in Vol. 9 [1910, p 771]


Nesta H. Webster: The French Revolution:  A Study in Democracy (London, England: Constable and Company Ltd., 519pp and in the United States: E.P. Dutton, 1920 and reprinted in 1988 by Noontide Press, Costa Mesa CA)


Ameen Rihani: The Descent of Bolshevism (Boston MA: The Stratford Co., 62pp)

Christian Science Monitor:  The Jewish Peril [1200-word editorial] (Boston MA: 06-19-20, p16).  The editorial identifies Adam Weishaupt as the real father of Communism and it observes that:

“A CONSIDERABLE stir has been caused in the political dovecots of Europe by the publication of an amazing pamphlet, entitled ‘The Jewish Peril.’ This pamphlet, which has a sub-head, ‘Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’, professes to reveal a plot, formulated by a Jewish secret society, for the overthrow of Christendom.”

Also see CSM articles discussing the Illuminati in the following issues: September 24, 1919, p16; November 28, 1919, p3; and May 21, 1920, p3;  

Nesta H. Webster: Illuminism and the World Revolution (Nineteenth Century and After - magazine, July 1920)



Nesta H. Webster: World Revolution: The Plot Against Civilization (Boston: Small, Maynard & Co., 328pp which was reprint of 1st edition in London by Constable and Co. Ltd., 327pp; 2nd edition in 1922, 3rd edition in 1923, 4th edition in 1924, 5th edition in 1927, and 6th revised edition edited and updated by Anthony Gittens in 1971 published by Britons Publishing Co., Devon UK, 374pp).  (See especially, Chapter II, Illuminism, pp 18-39, and pp 299-301.)


Nesta Webster: Secret Societies and Subversive Movements [reprinted in 1924, 1966, 1970, 1980 and 1989]. (1st edition = London, England: Boswell Printing and Publishing Co., 419pp)


General Eli A. Helmick: Undermining the Youth of the Nation (2/23/25) [copy in Eli A. Helmick Papers, Special Collections Department, Joyner Library, East Carolina University, Greenville NC]

Gen. Helmick (Inspector General of the U.S. Army from 1919-1927) asserted in his speeches and writings that Bolshevism was a continuation of an international Illuminati conspiracy that originated in Europe during the 18th century.  It incited the French Revolution of 1789 and it was “the influence which led to the bloodshed during the reign of terror” and, then, a century later, Karl Marx carried on the conspiracy through the “terrible bloodshed in the Paris Commune after the overthrow of the French Government in 1871.”  The contemporary manifestation of this conspiracy, according to Helmick, was the Communist International of Lenin and Trotsky.


Count Arthur Cherep-Spiridovich: The Secret World Government Or The Hidden Hand"-- The Unrevealed In History: 100 Historical "Mysteries" Explained (New York City: Anti-Bolshevist Publishing Association, 195pp; reprinted 1976 by Christian Book Club of America—Hawthorne CA; 203pp)


Elizabeth Knauss: The Illuminati: Taken From ‘Proofs Of A World Conspiracy’ by John Robison (Davenport IA: mimeographed excerpts by Knauss of Robison’s 1797 book, 135pp)

Inquire Within (pseudonym which may be Christina Stoddard): Light-Bearers of Darkness. The subject matters are shown in library catalog listings as “secret societies and occultism and the Jewish question’.  The text is largely drawn from articles published from 1925-1930 in the British fascist magazine, The Patriot.   See especially, Chapter 4, “Weishaupt’s Illuminati and the French Revolution”, pp 67-90

The publishing history is as follows: 

1930 (London: Boswell Printing and Publishing Co., 207pp)

1963 (Houston TX: Trumpet Press)

1969 (North Devon UK: Britons Publishing Co.)

1969 (Metarie LA: Sons of Liberty)

1969 (Hawthorne CA: Christian Book Club of America)

1983 (Hawthorne CA: Christian Book Club of America reprint)

1983 (Alexandria VA: Christian Truth and Victory Publications)


Lady Queenborough (aka Edith Starr Miller): Occult Theocrasy (Reprinted 1968 by Christian Book Club of America, 2 volumes, 741 pp).  She perceived a "Jesuit-Judaic-Masonic-Gnostic-Brahmin-Illuminati" plot to overthrow Christianity and undermine social morality.

Rev. Arno Clemens Gaebelein: The Conflict of The AgesThe Mystery of Lawlessness—Its Origins, Historic Development and Coming Defeat (New York City, Our Hope, 1st edition 1933, 171pp and subsequent editions in 1934, 1936; also reprints in 1968, 1983, and 1999.  The 1999 reprint by Omni Publications described the book as “reveals the truth and exposes the evil deeds and plans of the Zionist-Illuminati movement to conspire against Christ, Christians, and Christianity.” 

In 1944, Jeremiah Stokes (see his entry below) observed that Gaebelein’s book “traces the era of lawlessness and attacks upon civilization by the Forces of Evil from the time of the crucifixion of Christ to the present day.”

On page 69, Dr. Gaebelein refers to establishment of a “New Order” which was the objective of Adam Weishaupt and The Illuminati.

To understand the more modern source of the serpent-controlled powers which now aim at world revolution, the dethronement of righteousness and truth, the establishment of what is called a ‘new order’, we must go for a starting point to the eighteenth century.  It was during the last half of that century of disaster that a secret order known by the name ‘Illuminati’ came into existence.  A similar movement known as Satanism had existed before.” …


Gerald Burton Winrod: Adam Weishaupt, A Human Devil (Wichita, KS: Defender Publishers, 51pp;  - reprinted 1969 by Sons of Liberty – Hollywood CA)


William Edward Smith: Christianity and Secret Societies (Boston MA: Meador Publishing Co., 1936, 485pp)

Time magazine, 06-15-36 (Business section) reported that Grace H. Brosseau, a former DAR President, and a Director of Women Investors in America told a meeting of the Finance Congress of Women that “The state at which we have arrived did not spring up in a night. It dates back to the Secret Order of the Illuminati, which was organized in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt of Bavaria, and which caused the fomenting of revolutions in Europe.”

Inquire Within (pseudonym which may be Christina Stoddard), Trail of the Serpent, 1936 (London: Boswell Publishing Co., 325pp) and 1982 (Hawthorne CA: Omni Christian Book Club, 323pp), and 2003 (Whitefish MT: Kessinger, 323pp) – consists of reprints of articles which first appeared in the UK fascist magazine, The Patriot, from 1930-1935.


Maj. Gen. Amos A. Fries: Communism Unmasked (Washington DC: The Georgetown Press, 204pp) [Gen. Fries was the first head of the U.S. Army’s Chemical Warfare Service.]

1940's—specific date unknown:

Anonymous: Roosevelt and the Illuminati: The Roosevelt Mind One Hundred Years Ago - There Is A Plan(1940, 16pp; reprinted 1970 by New Crusade Church)

Eugene Nelson Sanctuary: Roosevelt and the Illuminati (New York: H.H. Lund, 16pp; formerly entitled The Roosevelt Saga)

Father Arthur W. Terminiello: The Illuminati and the Catholic Church, (19pp).

This publication tells how the Masons and the Jews took over the Catholic Church from within. Focuses on the "Satanic" background of the Vatican II Council and how Jewish Marannos, posing as "Christians," assumed key roles as Cardinals and Bishops, and the role of the Jewish controlled Grand Orient Freemasonry in this takeover.


Emanuel M. Josephson: Your Life Is Their Toy (New York City: Chedney Press, 449pp; 2nd edition in 1948, 256pp)

Explains how Illuminati controls medical and mental health organizations.


Jeremiah Stokes: Americans' Castle of Freedom, Under Bolshevik Fire on Our Home Front: Fateful Facts All Americans Must Know, (2nd ed., Salt Lake City: Federated Libraries, 1944. 78 p.)

Pg 67: Section entitled “The Real Source of Communism” discusses 1933 book by Rev. Arno Clemens Gaebelein of New York City entitled The Conflict of Ages which “traces the era of lawlessness and attacks upon civilization by the Forces of Evil from the time of the crucifixion of Christ to the present day.”  On page 69, Dr. Gaebelein refers to establishment of “New Order” which was the objective of Adam Weishaupt and The Illuminati.

Pg 68:  In a section captioned “The Six Pivotal Points of Weishauptism” Stokes discusses the “aims of the Illuminati” as revealed by Dr. Gaebelein on page 72 of his book.  Stokes then observes:  “An examination of Marx’s doctrines shows that his entire system of ideology is built upon and around the Weishaupt-Illuminati six points of destruction.”


Emanuel Mann Josephson: America’s Communist Conspiracy (New York City: Chedney Press, 8pp)


Kenneth Goff: Confessions of Stalin’s Agent: This Is My Story (Englewood CO: Soldiers of the Cross, 78pp;  Goff discusses Communist conspiracy roots in the Illuminati)


Col. Walter L. Furbershaw: International Communism: Its Origin and Growth (Chicago IL: self-published.)  Inserted into Congressional Record 02-24-49 by Cong. Ralph E. Church and subsequently reprinted in Frank Capell’s Herald of Freedom newsletter on December 2, 1966.)

1950's – specific date unknown

According to Myron C. Fagan (Cinema Educational Guild—Los Angeles CA), the Rothschilds took control of the Illuminati from Adam Weishaupt and they then used the organization to control U.S. foreign policy through the Council on Foreign Relations.  Fagan's organization periodically published his tracts as a "News Bulletin" -- each with a sequential number.

Herbert Sanborn: Anthology of Miscellaneous Writings (no specific date; self-published, contains essay entitled “Preface To The History of International Conspiracy” – which discusses Illuminati)

William Guy Carr: News Behind The News (the monthly newsletter of Carr’s Federation of Christian Laymen) published numerous articles which discussed the power of the Illuminati in U.S. and world affairs.  See for example: Vol 1, #8, June-July 1957, p6 where Carr refers to the death of Sen. Joseph McCarthy:  “His fate was not sealed until he realized that Communists are controlled by agentur of the Illuminati.”

Don Bell: During the 1950’s the Don Bell Reports newsletter frequently mentioned the history and activities of the Illuminati.  See for example the April 22, 1955 issue, p23.  Also see 1956  and 1972 entries below.


U.S. Far East Policy Directed By Pro-British Rhodes Scholars (Headlines and What’s Behind Them, newsletter of Constitutional Educational League, 4/1/51, p6):

The dead hand of a British multi-millionaire who in his will openly urged that the British Empire’ recover’ the United States, plays an unsuspectedly important part in shaping American foreign policy.  The millionaire was Cecil Rhodes, founder of the De Beers Diamond Company…He established the Rhodes Trust in 1899 to educate promising young Americans at Oxford University where they could be saturated with pro-British attitudes…The presence of this cohesive and self-active pro-British group in our governmental, journalistic, and cultural movements, guiding them subtly toward Anglo-American ends, explains much that has appeared mysterious in our foreign policy decisions in recent times. (Dr. Frank) Aydelotte has boasted that: ‘Rhodes scholars…have taken a prominent part in the work of such organizations as the Council on Foreign Relations, the National Policy Committee, the League of Nations Association, Union Now, the United Nations Association, the Commission for the Study of Organization of Peace…the Institute of Pacific Relations, the World Peace Foundation and the research groups attached to the Department of State.’ “

Homer L. Owen: The Devil You Say (Waco TX: self-published, 24pp, re: Federal Reserve, Jews, and the Illuminati)

The Chicago Tribune ran highly derogatory articles and editorials discussing the influence of Cecil Rhodes’ functionaries (aka the “Roundtable conspiracy”) in U.S. society.  As students of this subject know, the Roundtable Group is often described as the British antecedent of CFR and according to Gary Allen in None Dare Call It Conspiracy, Edward House met with influential Roundtable members in Paris in May 1919 and that meeting  “committed the conspiracy to creation of the CFR” (p82) “whose job it would be to propagandize the citizens of America, England and western Europe on the glories of World Government.” (p79). Allen also describes CFR as “a subsidiary of the Roundtable Group…” (pg 82)

See following Chicago Tribune articles:

7/16/51, p1: William Fulton: Rhodes Ideals Slant State Department Policies:  Key Posts Held by Oxford Scholars

7/17/51, p1: William Fulton: Rhodes Goal: Return US to the British Empire

7/17/51, p1: William Fulton: Rhodes Ideas Find Fertile Ground in UN:  Scholars Advance British Schemes

7/19/51, p1: William Fulton: Rhodes Grads Flock to Jobs in Burocracy:  Work to Advance Patron's Schemes

7/20/51, p1: William Fulton: Rhodes' Wards Hawk Global Scheme in US:  Peddle Propaganda for "One World"

7/21/51, p1: William Fulton: Rhodes' Wards Head Global Foundations:  Dole Out Cash to One Worlders

7/21/51, p1: William Fulton: Rhodes' Grads Influential in Eastern Press: Aid British Global Propaganda

7/22/51, p22: Muriel Howe: Rhodes Scholars and Communists

7/23/51, p1: Eugene Griffin: Canada Offers Fine Field to Rhodes' Wards:  Exert Influence on the US

7/26/51, p1: Rhodes Scholar Rules Congress Reference Units:  Bureau Branded Source of Propaganda

7/27/51, p1: Philip Warden: Rhodes' Wards Helped Britain Get US Billions: Channeled Flow of Gold Under Aid Program

7/28/51, p6: Phillip Dodd: Even Congress Not Immune to Rhodes' Ideas: 2 Scholars There Help Support Program

7/29/51, p7: Willard Edwards: Their Own Code Guides Rhodes Scholars in US:  State Dept. Aid Gave Support to Alger Hiss

7/31/51, p13: OWI Propaganda Machine Linked to Rhodes Men: Influence Goes Back to Elmer Davis

10/17/51, p7: William Fulton:  Original Aims of Rockefeller Fund Distorted

11/4/51, p1: Willard Edwards: Alien Interest Rife in Highest U.S. Echelons


Robert V. Andelson: Which Spirit of ’76?: An Expose of Subversion In Educational Institutions (Chicagoan: Freedom Clubs of Downtown Chicago, 23pp; discusses Illuminati)

Conde McGinley: "Invisible Government Rules Both Parties"  (8/15/52 issue of "Common Sense" newspaper published by McGinley’s Christian Educational Association, Inc., Union NJ)

Emanuel M. Josephson: Eisenhower Gives Us No `Change', America's Betrayal Continues

An excerpt from this pamphlet follows:

"For the membership of the CFR holds in its highest ranks the top Communist agents and traitors…The role of the subversives in the CFR is obviously to indoctrinate their fellow members, as their masters wish to have them indoctrinated…The deliberate purpose to which the CFR has been dedicated since it was taken over by its present bosses in 1926, is to further the interests of the Rockefeller Empire (especially Saudi Arabia), of the Soviets, and of the alliance between the two entered into in the same year, which the author has named the Rockefeller-Soviet Axis."

"Evidence in the published records of Congress completely proves that the same CFR interests financed, through it subsidiary the Institute of Pacific Relations, the Communist Richard Sorge spy ring in Japan, that induced the Japs to attack the U.S. at Pearl Harbor, instead of following their original plan of attacking Russia.  They thus precipitated another Rockefeller Crusade, the Roosevelt War…They were also responsible for the Korean `Truman War' and for our involvement in it, as well as blocking its victorious termination."

"The CFR's masters and agents are intent on keeping us continually at war as a means of sustaining the `capitalist' or Marxist super-capitalist (mis)-managed economies that they support, for the ultimate purpose of attaining super-Napoleonic world conquest and totalitarian dictatorship, which they seek as their concept of `perfect government'…So intent are they upon keeping us at war to fulfill their malevolent intent, that they persistently equip our Soviet enemies with all the materiel of war with which they are slaughtering our men through their creations:  Lend-Lease, the Marshall Plan, the UN, NATO, the Point 4 Program and others."

Emanuel Mann Josephson: Rockefeller Internationalist: The Man Who Misrules The World [focuses on CFR], (New York City: Chedney Press, 448pp)


Kenneth Goff: Hitler and the 20th Century Hoax (Englewood CO: self-published; From page 8:)

"The Communists (jewish conspirators) knew that Germany would have to be crushed, if they were to ever have complete dominance of the continent of Europe. Their conspiracy to destroy Germany, dates back to the year 1776, when on the first day of May, in Munich, Germany, an organization called the 'Illuminati' was launched by a group of atheists and free-thinkers. The founder and leader of this organization was Adam Weishaupt. Weishaupt was a cunning human devil, (literal son of Satan) whose dream in life was to destroy Germany, and to place the whole world under one government, headed by his God-hating 'Illuminati'."


Myron C. Fagan: "Documentations of U.N. Plot to Destroy U.S." April-May 1955, (Hollywood CA: Cinema Educational Guild)

William Guy Carr: The International Conspiracy (Willowdale Ontario Canada: National Federation of Christian Laymen, 14pp) re: one-world government directed by the Illuminati

William Guy Carr: Pawns In The Game  [Willowdale ON Canada: National Federation of Christian Laymen; 198pp; 3rd edition, 1958; 4th edition reprinted in 1962 and 5th edition in 1966 by St. George Press—Los Angeles CA and later Glendale CA)

Carr asserted that: "It would take volumes to quote all the evidence to prove that the international bankers organized, financed, and directed the Russian Revolution in order to obtain control of a vast territory so that the Illuminati could try out their ideas for totalitarianism" [p. 93] "Theirs has been a Long Range Plan. It started 3,000 years ago." [p. 94] "Communism and Nazism both use a form of Grand Orient Masonry for proselytizing purposes." [pp. 107-8]. Carr refers to "Lenin, the first canonized saint of the Illuminati totalitarian creed." [p. 143].  “My own research work has caused me to believe that the documents published by Professor Nilus in Russia in 1905 as ‘The Jewish Peril’, and by Mr. Marsden in England in 1921 as ‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’, are the Long range Plan of the Illuminati which was explained by Amschel Rothschild to his associates in Frankfort in 1773 as recorded in Chapter 3 of this book." [p. 157]

William Guy Carr: The Red Fog Over America (Willowdale ON Canada: National Federation of Christian Laymen, 226pp; 2nd edition, 1957, 280pp;  3rd edition in 1962 by St. George Press, Los Angeles (and later Glendale CA), 280pp; 4th edition in 1968 by Emissary Publications, South Pasadena CA, 280pp; 5th edition in 1973 by Poor Richard’s Press, Pinesdale MT, 277pp)

The Index to The Red Fog Over America indicates that more than one-half of the book is devoted to discussing the Illuminati---including pages 1-119, 186-189, 205-207, 221-242.  Two of my favorite passages are as follows:

“The fact that President F.D. Roosevelt’s ‘New Deal’, his N.R.A., and other political policies and economic devices fitted perfectly into the ‘Long Range Plans’ of the Illuminati proved the continuity of the conspiracy from 1841 to 1945.  It has been explained at the end of Chapter X that Roosevelt made known his secret plans to establish a dictatorship in America in March 1939 when he gave a secret audience to some of his government’s special committees.  It also has been mentioned that Roosevelt was kept a virtual prisoner from after Yalta until his death, presumably to prevent him telling the truth in the event his conscience troubled him when he realized he was about to meet his Maker.”  [From page 192 of  The Red Fog Over America]

“For the sake of emphasis, we repeat once more, the Communist Party in every country in the world, is controlled by the Illuminati.  They use its subversive and destructive forces, to destroy our political and religious institutions.  The Agenteur of the Illuminati within the Canadian and American governments protect the members of the Communist party against action by the R.C.M.P. and the F.B.I. who could, if permitted to do so, arrest every potential revolutionary in North America within 48 hours of the order being given.  But the Illuminati only use the Communists to the point where they have served their purpose, and after the Agenteur of the Illuminati usurp power, like Lenin did, the Communists are ‘Purged’ and the only revolutionaries allowed to live are those who serve the Illuminati.”  [From page 229 of The Red Fog Over America.]

Myron C. Fagan: Americans: A Blueprint For Victory! (Hollywood CA: Cinema Educational Guild News Bulletin #46, 32pp)

Emanuel M. Josephson: Roosevelt's Communist Manifesto (New York City: Chedney Press, 128pp).  This book incorporates a reprint of Clinton Roosevelt's Science of Government Founded on Natural Law [1841], which Josephson asserts is on Illuminist plans to enslave humanity.   A flyer advertising the book contained the following description:

“Reprint of original edition, dated 1841, of Illuminist tract containing the first American publication of the plagiarized Communist teachings of Adam Weishaupt, a renegade Jesuit, and the substance of the Communist Manifesto.  The Roosevelt version appeared seven years before it also was plagiarized by another member of the Order of Illuminati, Moses Mordecai Marx Levy alias Heinrich Karl Marx, in Germany.  It embodies a blueprint of the New Deal, its NRA, and other devices, that became the tradition of the Roosevelt Dynasty.  It is the pattern of an American dictatorship which they seek to impose.  Their progress in imposing this dictatorship was slow until the present century.  Now thanks to the support of the Rockefeller dominated ‘Philanthropic” Foundation Trust, it is moving to ultra-rapid culmination.

The flyer also discusses the “Insignia of the Order of Illuminati That Illuminist Jefferson Made The Reverse of the U.S. Seal”.    According to Josephson:

“The significance of the design [of the U.S. seal insignia] is as follows:  the pyramid represents the conspiracy for destruction of the Catholic Church and establishment of a ‘One World’ or UN dictatorship, the ‘secret’ of the Order; the eye radiating in all directions, is the ‘all-spying eye’ that symbolizes the terroristic Gestapo-like espionage agency that Weishaupt set up under the name of ‘Insinuating Brethern’ to guard the ‘secret’ of the Order and to terrorize the populace into acceptance of its rule…”ANNUIT COEPTIS’ mean ‘our enterprise (conspiracy) has been crowned with success’.  Below, ‘NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM’ explains the nature of the enterprise: and it means ‘a New Social Order’ or “New Deal’….Benjamin Franklin, John Adams (Roosevelt kinsman) and Thomas Jefferson, ardent illuminist, and defender of Adam Weishaupt, proposed the above as the reverse of the seal, on the face of which was the eagle symbol, to Congress, which it adopted on June 10, 1782…What is the meaning of the publication at the outset of the New Deal of this ‘Gestapo’ symbol that had been so carefully suppressed up to that date that few Americans knew of its existence, other than as a Masonic symbol?  It can only mean that with the advent of the New Deal the Illuminist-Socialist-Communist conspirators, followers of Professor Weishaupt, regarded their efforts as beginning to be crowned with success.  In effect, this seal proclaims to the people of the U.S. that the entire power of their Government supports the conspiracy to undermine and destroy it and the Constitution on which it rests---that it is a Government of traitors.”

Book Chapters include:  Adam Weishaupt -- Communism's FatherThe Rise of the Illuminist/Socialist/Communist Conspiracy in AmericaRoosevelt's Illuminist / Communist New Deal ProgramThe Illuminist/Socialist/Communist Dictatorship Conspiracy in America Today

Wickliffe B. Vennard: The Federal Reserve Corporation: 42 Years of Subversion in 100 Acts (Boston MA: Meador Publishing Co., 320pp).  Reviews "invisible conspiracy" composed of international bankers, communists, the illuminati, and zionists to destroy America


Don Bell and George E. Deatherage: Methods of Survival If the Red Terror Should Strike (Palm Beach FL: Time For Truth Press, 2 volumes).  Consists of consecutive issues of Don Bell Reports 1954-1956 which discuss conspiracy to destroy America and form a one-world government. Includes discussion of the influences of the Illuminati and zionists.)

Robert N. Donner: reprint of Alexander Addison’s Rise & Progress of Revolution: A Charge to the Grand Juries of the County Courts of the Fifth Circuit of the State of Pennsylvania at December Sessions, 1800, (Colorado Springs, CO: Dentan, reprint of 1801 publication re: evidence of Illuminati being responsible for French Revolution.)

Herbert Sanborn: The International Conspiracy (Brentwood TN: self-published, 319pp) 

Myron C. Fagan :"Our Secret Government." April-May 1956, (Hollywood CA: Cinema Educational Guild)


American Action Council: Crucifixion on a Cross of Gold, By The Bilderbergers at St. Simons, GA (Chicago IL: May 1957):

"The point to be made here is that it is these secret meetings of the 'Invisible Government' that important Governmental policies are made; that on Jekyll Island in 1908 such a meeting brought about the reorganization of the financial structure of the country; and that on St. Simons Island this year, a similar meeting was held to bring about planned bankruptcy, destruction of national sovereignty, creation of world government with its World Bank and World Currency under an open world dictatorship."

Robert H. Williams: Here Are Eisenhower's Bosses: Top Fifty Members of Council on Foreign Relations, A Zionist Front (Santa Ana CA: Williams Intelligence Summary, April 1957, page 1, 3)

Robert H. Williams: The Ultimate World Order (Santa Ana CA: self-published, 74pp)

William Guy Carr: News Behind The News newsletter (Willowdale, Ontario, Canada), 1/57, p1 article captioned “One Worlders”:

“All those who advocate any kind of a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, other than the Kingship of Christ, knowingly or unknowingly, further the Illuminati’s long range plans for ultimate indisputed control of the world’s affairs because the Illuminati conspire to usurp the powers of that government as soon as it is formed.

The News Behind the News in the October 1956 issue explained how the Illuminati planned in the final phase of their conspiracy to make atheists and Christians exterminate each other and leave the field clear for them to crown their leader King-despot of the Universe.  The Hungarian abortive revolt was engineered by agents of the Illuminati to try out the effectiveness of their plot to subjugate mankind.”


Robert H. Williams: Council on Foreign Relations A Zionist Front—Ike’s Boss! (Union NJ: Common Sense, Christian Educational Assn newspaper, 1/1/58, p1-4)

“We have written much about the ADL and its parent B’nai B’rith, the American (?) Jewish Committee and a dozen other hard-core Zionist policy shapers.  It is worthwhile to take a look at some of their fronts, especially the Council on Foreign Relations (which is interlocked with the Foreign Policy Association, the Institute of Pacific Relations, and some of the big Red tax-free foundations.)  It is often called ‘Rockefeller’s Council on Foreign Relations’ but that is largely because its masters have used the naïve spoon fed Rockefeller boys to commit treason year after year against the interests of their country.  This CFR was founded in 1919 at the Paris Peace conference chiefly by a handful of famous Jews—Zionist revolutionaries who surrounded and influenced Woodrow Wilson…Though the CFR was founded principally by certain Jewish revolutionaries—including some of the richest men in the world---the Rockefellers have been bled by it from year to year and have adopted Jewish internationalism in both politics and finance…The two important things to bear in mind in studying the CFR is (1) the power and influence of its members and (2) its subversive policies, activities and connections.”

William Guy Carr: “The Illuminati and Public Opinion” (Toronto ON Canada, News Behind The News, 03/58, p6):

“The Illuminati realize that the FORCE of united Public Opinion, if properly informed, can defeat their plans – even if their conspiracy has entered the final stage.  Therefore, they plot to prevent those they intend to subjugate from being united in the common Cause of establishing God’s plan for the Rule of the Universe upon this earth.  Dealing with this important problem, the Illuminati’s lecturer told the Agentur, ‘For a time we might be successfully dealt with by a coalition of the Goyim of all the world; but from this danger we are secured by the discord existing among them…We have set one against another, the personal and national reckonings of the Goyim; religious and race hatred, which we fostered into a huge growth in the course of the past twenty centuries…We are too strong…there is no evading our power.  The nations cannot come to an even inconsiderable private agreement without our secretly having a hand in it.’ 

So afraid are the Illuminati of the FORCE of public opinion that the lecturer went on to explain: ‘The principal object of our directorate consists in this – to debilitate the public mind by criticism; to lead it away from serious reflections calculated to arouse resistance; to distract the forces of the mind towards a sham fight of empty eloquence.’ The lecturer continues: ‘In order that the masses themselves may not guess what they (the Illuminati) are about, we further distract them with amusements. Games, pastimes, passions, people’s palaces…Soon we shall begin, through the press, to propose competitions in art; in sports of all kinds.  These interests will finally distract their minds from questions in which we should have to oppose them.  Growing more and more disaccustomed to reflect and form opinions of their own, people will begin to talk in the same tone as we, because we alone shall be offering them new directions of thought…of course through such persons as will not be suspected of solidarity with us.’ 

News Behind the News does not have to name the people in Britain, France, the United States and Canada who have served the purpose of the Illuminati from 1776 to date – those who serve them have been built up to positions of prominence and power as a reward for their services!  Our parliaments have been turned into ‘talkeries’.  The minds of the masses have been subjugated until the majority think of little else than Horse Races, Numbers, Dog Races, Professional Sports, etc. etc…Do not the newspapers, radio stations, and TV programmes do the thinking for the vast majority of people?  Control of the publishing houses has made it almost impossible to make known the existence of the Luciferian conspiracy!”

“We have exchanged our God-given rights of FREEDOM for LIBERALISM.  We have swallowed the bait of Social Security and surrendered our PERSONAL INDEPENDENCE.  We accepted the United Nations Organization and surrendered our National Sovereignty.  We became slaves of the Illuminati…We are now accepting the idea of a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, little realizing that ‘THE NEW ORDER’ will be a Luciferian Totalitarian Dictatorship enforced by Satanic despotism…It is time to take action!  The hour is late!”

William Guy Carr: “The Conspiracy To Destroy All Existing Governments and Religions” (Toronto ON Canada, News Behind The News, 04/58, pp 1-12 – is a history of The Illuminati)

Leslie Fry: Interfaith, World Government, and Universal Religion (16pp). 

Discusses the UN as embryonic world government and the conspiratorial influences of freemasonry, illuminati, and zionists.


A.K. Chesterton: Weinburg Replaces Baruch (American Mercury magazine reprint, 6pp)

Kenneth Goff:  Red Shadows (Englewood CO: Soldiers of the Cross, 93pp)

Wickliffe B. Vennard: Federal Reserve Hoax (Boston MA: Meador Publishing Co., 284pp)


Mary M. Davison: The Hidden Hand (Freedom Press, no specific date shown, 120pp—see note below under 1961 Davison entries)


Don Bell: Who Are Our Rulers? (New York City: American Mercury magazine, September 1960 issue)

B. Bruce:  Constitutions Be Damned! Say The Internationalists (Forum Publishing Co., 116pp)

William Guy Carr:  The Conspiracy To Destroy All Existing Governments and Religion (Metairie LA: Sons of Liberty, 24pp)

George Deatherage: Anti-Semitism in Soviet Russia (Common Sense newspaper [Christian Educational Association, Union NJ], 5/1/60, p4)

“Can the Bilderbergers, the Foreign Policy Association, the International Bankers so guide this international situation so as to insure there will be no hot war – and their liens on future production of the peoples of the world be conserved?  For after all, it is they who direct the executive branch of our government.”


6-12-61 Dan Smoot Report (Dallas TX: self-published): “In short, the ruling members of the Council on Foreign Relations constitute the invisible government of the United States: they are the people who actually set the major policies of the government…The Council directly or through other organizations with which it has interlocking directorates and membership and contributors, has actually selected most of the cabinet officers of the United States government during the past quarter of a century.”

7-17-61 Dan Smoot Report:  (Dallas TX: self-published) "The CFR is the invisible government of the United States by virtue of the fact that members of the Council occupy key posts in the Executive Branch of government from the Presidency downward."

Council on American Relations: Open Letter #1 To A United States Congressman (West Palm Beach FL: Council on American Relations, 3pp)

Mary M. Davison: The Secret Government of the United States: 23 Open Letters to United States Senators (Omaha NE: Congress of Freedom Inc.,  57pp)

Mary M. Davison: A Special Open Letter To The United States Senators (West Palm Beach FL: Council on American Relations, 4pp)

Mary M. Davison: The Secret Government of the United States (Omaha NE: The Greater Nebraskan, 124pp)

[Note: Mary wrote a series of anti-CFR pamphlets in 1960. Much of that material then was published in 1961 as a series of Open Letters in The Greater Nebraskan, which was the newsletter of Congress of Freedom, Omaha NE.  Then Mary re-issued the “open letters” individually, and in collections, under the auspices of her newly formed organization, Council on American Relations, which subsequently became known as Council For Statehood.  [See, for example, Open Letters #12 and #13 captioned “To The Constituency of the U.S. Senators”]

The Council on American Relations published at least 2 versions of Mary's collection of anti-CFR articles.  One collection, in 1961, was entitled: "The Hidden Hand: Open Letters to a U.S. Senator".  The last 35 pages of this edition was entitled "Secret Government of the United States".

Another edition was captioned "The Hidden Hand : Making Visible The Invisible Government of the Council on Foreign Relations: Open Letters To A United States Senator" but no specific date shown.   Confusing isn't it?

The John Birch Society's magazine, American Opinion, would later mistakenly credit Davison as having been the first person to articulate the CFR-conspiracy theory. [See, "New Books," American Opinion, September 1962, page 65]. 

Independent American: Our "Unelected" Rulers: Rockefeller Now Controls US Foreign Policy (New Orleans LA: Independent American, aka Tax Fax #28)

Edith Essig: Clearinghouse For Diplomatic Treason [Glendale CA: Cross and the Flag, October 1961, reprinted by Action Patriots, Los Angeles.)  Mrs. Essig was editor of her own monthly bulletin (Glendale AZ and later Alameda CA) entitled  “Keeping the Record Straight’.]

“The key to the riddle of disastrous American diplomacy that consistently downgrades the United States, shows hostility to friendly rightist governments, strengthens our enemies and speeds the takeover by an anti-Christian world dictatorship is found in the golden key figuratively bestowed by membership in the most exclusive and powerful club in the world, THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS.  This closed fraternity of internationalists, left-wingers, sophisticates and reputed intellectuals—working in happy harmony with such interlocking organizations as the Bilderbergers, the Foreign Policy Association the Institute of Pacific Relations, the Zionists, the Communists and the tax-exempt Foundations of the ilk of Rockefeller, Carnegie and Ford---constitutes a hidden government that dictates foreign and domestic policy without regard to political party.”


Myron C. Fagan: Kennedy’s Death Trap for U.S.!!! (Hollywood CA: Cinema Educational Guild, Tract #8, 1962):

Early in 1947 the Master Plotters, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), set up the United World Federalists (UWF), officered and directed by REDS and Fellow-Travelers.  The ‘job’ set for the UWF was to coerce, seduce, and bribe the legislatures of 32 States to pass ‘Resolutions’ memorializing Congress to transform the U.S. into a unit of a Federated (UN) One-World Government…NOTE: Don’t dismiss this WARNING as alarmist conjecture.  In our News-Bulletins Nos. 87 and 88, entitled ‘Our Invisible Government Made Visible’, parts 1 and 2, we establish, with prima facie evidence, that the CFR is already in full control of our Federal Government…Our News-Bulletins Nos. 90 and 91 reveal how the CFR plant their stooges in the White House, the State Department and in all Federal Agencies.  Every one of these News-Bulletins will startle you – shock you --- ENRAGE you…make you FIGHTING mad – and determined to smash this plot!”

Kent & Phoebe Courtney: America's Unelected Rulers (New Orleans LA: Conservative Society of America, 177pp, July 1962)

A letter by the Courtneys announcing their new book described it as follows: "This new book documents and proves the devastating influence on U.S. foreign policy exercised by the Council on Foreign Relations."  CFR described as "this semi-secret organization" which plans "to destroy our national sovereignty and render the United States a mere colony in a world government dominated by socialists and pro-Communists."

Myron C. Fagan: Our Invisible Government Made Visible (Hollywood CA: Cinema Educational Guild, News Bulletin #87-88; 56pp)

“Our 'elected leaders' are the 'pied pipers' of the Masterminds of the Internationalist-Communist Conspiracy, now better known as The Council on Foreign Relations.”

Myron C. Fagan: The Kennedy Boys and Our Invisible Government (Hollywood CA: Cinema Educational Guild, 25pp)

Victor J. Fox (pseudonym for Robert A. Winston): The Welfare Staters (New York: Freedom Press, 386pp; anti-CFR book)

Revilo P. Oliver: To See The Invisible  (Belmont MA: American Opinion magazine, October 1962, pp 44-46)

Dan Smoot: The Invisible Government (Dallas TX: 1st edition = Dan Smoot Report Inc, 250pp; subsequent editions, Dan Smoot Report, 1964, 248pp; Western Islands, 1962 and 1965, 194pp; Western Islands 1977, 240pp)

5/1/62 = Cong. John Rousselot enters into the Congressional Record an article from the Autumn 1961 issue of the journal, American Scholar, entitled "Notes on the Establishment in America" by Richard H. Rovere.  Rousselot declares "that it is unwise to allow organs of the establishment--e.g. the Council on Foreign Relations-- to influence national policies to the degree that they do."


Helen P. Lasell: Power Behind Government Today (NY: Liberty Publications,  270pp)

Kent and Phoebe Courtney: Nelson Rockefeller: The International Socialist (New Orleans LA: Independent American, 10pp)

Kent and Phoebe Courtney: Nelson Rockefeller's `Candidacy': A White Paper (New Orleans LA: Independent American, 38pp) – mostly attacks CFR

Kent and Phoebe Courtney: Disarmament: A Blueprint For Surrender (New Orleans LA: Conservative Society of America, 179pp)

Archibald E. Roberts: 5/1/63 speech to Council For Statehood at Town House Hotel in West Palm Beach FL:

Roberts stated that the entire country is under the United Nations and has been since 1950.  He said approximately fifty families who are closely allied with the UN and the Council on Foreign Relations are presently running the U.S. government.  He stated that U.S. troops are being trained all over the country for the purpose of taking over the U.S. government under the United Nations.  [FBI HQ file 62-1925, serial #52; 12/24/63 report on Arch E. Roberts contains report by informant “who has furnished reliable information in the past”]


Mary M. Davison: The Robbers' Roost (West Palm Beach FL: Council For Statehood, 30pp)

Independent American: The Soft-On-Communism Record Of Richard Nixon: Can You Trust Him? (New Orleans LA: Independent American, aka Tax Fax #52, 10pp, re: CFR/communism)

Emanuel Mann Josephson: The Truth About Rockefeller, Public Enemy #1: Studies in Criminal Psychopathy (New York City: Chedney Press, 277pp)

Helen P. Lasell: The Real Rulers of America (NY: 4th edition revised, 68pp)


Kenneth Goff (editor): The Pilgrim Torch (Englewood CO) – July 1965 issue reported:  “Many have requested from our office the information as to whom has taken the place of Bernard Baruch who died during the past month.  The new head of the World’s Illuminati is Sidney Weinberg.”

Independent American: How the U.S. Is Being Communized : Who Are The Implementers Of Communist Aims And To What Extent Do They Control U.S. Domestic and Foreign Policies? (New Orleans LA: Independent American, aka Tax Fax #68, 12pp re CFR and communism)

Oren Fenton Potito: National Christian News, (St. Petersburg FL) - January 1965 issue.  Potito exposés Satan’s organization, The Illuminati” which was founded by “the renegade Jew Weishaupt.”  Potito also observed:  “Indeed, the Jews, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, in their nefarious works on Socialism and the instigation of the first International, incorporated the Illuminati program bodily. The fact that communism is nothing but the Jew Weishaupt’s satanism has not been generally revealed.  The point that we are getting at is, that the Jews had in Illuminism the weapon they needed to effect their world takeover.”

Oren Fenton Potito: Our Rulers - Who Are They? (St. Petersburg FL: National Christian News, Vol 3, #5, page 1):

Many right-wing organizations mistakenly refer to the Council on Foreign Relations as the hidden government which rules America, through its control of all permanent and politically unattached bureaucrats, cabinets, and agencies and authority heads and other appointed officials who must answer to no voters, no political parties, but only to the CFR and its companion departments such as ‘1313’.  To say that the CFR is the entire hidden Government controlling Washington, is not telling the truth and conceals the identity of our real enemies…Within this exclusive club, known as CFR, there is an even more exclusive club known as BAC (Business Advisory Council).  BAC is the next step hierarchy which runs the CFR while the CFR runs our Government…Does this mean then, that the BAC constitutes the ‘master mind’ behind the entire hidden Government?  We have another surprise for you! It does not!  The BAC itself is subject yet to another group.  This hidden hand in called ‘The Illuminati’ a select group of Jews and their proselytes.  Both of these previously named organizations take orders from this establishment…The Illuminati was established in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, an anti-Christ JEW.  Understand that, once and for all, he was not a German…he was an ANTI-CHRIST JEW.  Yes, just as Communism was founded and is today controlled by International Jews, so too is the CFR, the Business Advisory Council and the Illuminati.  Yes, its true the Illuminati was founded and is today controlled by International Jews, who intend to force upon the world ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT under anti-Christ satanic Talmudism.”

Oren Fenton Potito: Satan’s Organization Exposed: The Illuminati (St. Petersburg FL: National Christian News, undated but 1965):

Gerald L.K. Smith: The Cross and the Flag, (Glendale CA: Christian Nationalist Crusade) - January 1965 issue – Smith tells readers that they have 13 enemies and he lists them in order of importance: (1) international bankers, (2) Illuminati, (3) Zionism (4) Bilderberger conferences, (13) Soviet Union!

Ned Touchstone (editor): The Councilor (Shreveport LA) – April 9, 1965 issue, discusses “the role of a secret society in the assassination of American presidents—including Abraham Lincoln.  Even before the death of Kennedy, The Councilor had clues which pointed to the existence in New Orleans of a secret society organized nearly 200 years ago in Bavaria.  This society uses political assassination as a method of controlling world money markets.  Other historians have linked this group to Jacobism (sic), Bolshevism, and Communism…The organization was the Bavarian Illuminati.”


Myron C. Fagan: CFR Completely Unmasked As Illuminati in U.S (Hollywood CA: Cinema Educational Guild, Bulletin #123, 24pp).  Fagan observed that the “CFR is the heartbeat and provides the inspiration and motive power necessary to maintain the Illuminati in the United States.”

Myron C. Fagan: The Complete Truth About the United Nations Conspiracy (Hollywood CA: Cinema Educational Guild, 39pp)

Myron C. Fagan: UN Is Spawn of the  Illuminati (Hollywood CA: Cinema Educational Guild, Bulletin #122; 24pp; also reprinted in 1966 by Sons of Liberty).  According to Fagan:  “The UN is today’s culmination of a plot that was launched back in the 1760’s when it first came into existence under the name of The Illuminati.  This Illuminati was organized by one Adam Weishaupt, a Catholic priest, who defected at the behest (and financed) of the Rothschilds.”


Myron C. Fagan: Blueprint For Dictatorship, Then UN One-World Government (Hollywood CA: Cinema Educational Guild, 20pp)

Myron C. Fagan:  The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations – CFR (Hollywood CA: Cinema Educational Guild, three 33 1/3rpm recordings)

John Steinbacher: It Comes Up Murder: When the Obvious Becomes A Mystery (Long Beach CA: Carpenter’s, 90pp; foreword by Gary Allen)


Phoebe Courtney: The CFR (New Orleans LA: Free Men Speak, 230pp)

Emanuel Mann Josephson: The Federal Reserve Conspiracy and the Rockefellers: Their Gold Corner(New York City: Chedney Press, 374pp)


Gary Allen: CFR--Conspiracy To Rule The World  (Belmont MA: American Opinion magazine reprint, 19pp) 

Gary Allen (and narrated by John Carradine): CFR Establishment  (70 minute audio cassette)

["The incredible account of the conspiracy to rule the world, as told by Gary Allen in the April 1969 issue of the magazine American Opinion."]

Myron C. Fagan:  Proofs of the Great Conspiracy (Hollywood CA: Cinema Educational Guild, Bulletin #138, 35pp) 


Reed Benson and Robert W. Lee: Council For Revolution (Belmont MA: Review of the News magazine reprint, 6pp)

Mary M. Davison: The Second Rebellion (Lighthouse Point FL: Council For Statehood, 58pp)

Myron C. Fagan: If The U.S. Is To Live, The UN Must Die!!! (Hollywood CA: Cinema Educational Guild, News-Bulletin #151, 26pp; reprinted 1980 by Sons of Liberty, Metairie LA; anti-CFR)


Gary Allen: None Dare Call It Conspiracy (Rossmoor CA: Concord Press, 141pp)

Phoebe Courtney: Nixon and the CFR  (New Orleans LA: Free Men Speak, 230pp)

John F. McManus: An Overview of Our World (Belmont MA: John Birch Society, 60pp; is text of filmstrip which discusses CFR and communism)

Richard T. Osborne: The Great Conspiracy (Salt Lake City: Osborne, 92pp; 2nd edition in 1972 under title The Coming of World War III)


Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman: To Eliminate the Opiate, Volume 1 (NY: Zahavia, 166pp). 

See especially Chapter 8:  “The Illuminati and Haskala

Antelman observes that:  “While we are focusing on apostate Jewish Illuminati, it must be reiterated that the Bundist-Illuminati were predominantly of Christian birth, both among the membership and the leadership. However, they found it most suited to their ends, as the Communists or the CFR elitists of today do, to utilize the intellectual talents of these Jewish-born apostates. They were especially placed in conspicuous positions so as the insure a victory of sorts if they would not succeed - thus polarizing among the masses those who would be stupid enough to blame the Jews for Illuminism, Revolution, Bundism, Socialism or Communism.”  Also see 2002 entry.

Clarence Kelly: Conspiracy Against God and Man (Boston MA: Western Islands, 264pp)


Phoebe Courtney: CFR, Part II  (New Orleans LA: Independent American, 246pp)

Archibald E. Roberts:  The Anatomy of a Revolution (Ft. Collins CO: Betsy Ross Press, 32pp; Originally published in The Woman Constitutionalist newsletter, August 3, 1968)

Phyllis Schlafly and Chester Ward: Kissinger on the Couch (New Rochelle NY: Arlington House, 846pp)


Gary Allen: The Rockefeller File: The Untold Story of the Most Powerful Family in America (Seal Beach CA: ’76 Press, 193pp)

Gary Allen:  "Illuminism, The Great Conspiracy," (Belmont MA: American Opinion magazine, June 1976, p. 47-49)

Des Griffin:  The Missing Dimension in World Affairs (South Pasadena CA: Emissary Publications, 244pp)

Robert Welch: And Some Obiter Dicta (Belmont MA: American Opinion, 24pp)

Discusses Illuminati in context of book by Antony C. Sutton entitled "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler"


Myron C. Fagan: A Brief History of the Illuminati [reprint of  Rev. Win Worley’s, Demolishing the Hosts of Hell] (Lansing IL: HBC, 26pp)

Douglas Reed: The Controversy of Zion (Durban, Natal, South Africa: Dolphins Press, 587pp; subsequent edition in U.S. by Noontide Press, 1985, 587pp)

The Jews of the House of Joseph were content to assimilate. The Levites, centered in Russia, were not. Around 1850, Reed believes the Levites took over the "Illuminati conspiracy" which eventually controlled Communism (and possibly Zionism.)


Phoebe Courtney: The CFR Conspiracy and Jimmy Carter: Why What is Happening To Our Country, Is Happening  (New Orleans LA: Independent American, 71pp)

Lyndon LaRouche:  Will The Soviets Rule During the 1980's? (NY: New Benjamin Franklin House Pub. Co., 196pp)

Dallas Plemmons:  The Illuminati: The Conspiracy Behind the Conspiracy, the International Bankers, Communism and Wall Street (self-published)


F.A.C.T.:  The Conspiracy Against America: Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission(CA: FACT, 39pp)

[Note: Freedom Against Collective Tyranny (aka F.A.C.T.) was a conservative organization concerned with "the undue influence on the lives and futures of the American people" exerted by the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations.]


Community Churches of America:  The CFR, Trilateral Commission Puppet Show (CA: 15pp)

Des Griffin: Descent Into Slavery? (South Pasadena CA: Emissary Publications, 351pp; updated in 1994).

Donald Holmes: The Sapiens System: The Illuminati Conspiracy (Phoenix AZ: Falcon Press, 283pp)

Salem Kirban: The Illuminati (Huntingdon Valley PA: Second Coming, Inc., 15pp)

Salem Kirban: Satan’s Agents Exposed (Huntingdon Valley PA: Salem Kirban, Inc., 292pp)

Alan Stang: It's Time To Expose The Conspiracy (Belmont MA: American Opinion magazine reprint, 14pp)


Anonymous (but thought to be Kerry Noble): Witchcraft and the Illuminati (originally published by The Covenant, The Sword, The Arm of the Lord (Zarephath-Horeb MO); then reprinted by Christian Patriots Book Publisher in 1999; 79pp;  targets the UN, CFR, the Druids, rock music, the Jews, Wicca, Knights of Columbus, Council of 13, Council of 33, Freemasons, Boy Scouts, ACLU, KKK, CIA.)

Myron C. Fagan: The Illuminati: Complete Documented History (Metairie LA: Sons of Liberty, 2 audiocassettes, 180 minutes)

Phoebe Courtney: Despite the Conservative Landslide Victory in the 1980 Presidential Election-- The CFR Is Still In Control  (New Orleans LA: Independent American, 78pp)


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Piers Compton: The Broken Cross: The Hidden Hand in the Vatican (St. Helier NJ: N. Spearman, 190pp)  [Communist Manifesto ghostwritten by Illuminists]

William Josiah Sutton: The Illuminati 666: The New Age Movement (Institute For Religious Knowledge)

Dr. David Webber: Satan’s Kingdom and the Second Coming (Oklahoma City OK: Southwest Radio Church, 52pp)


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Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler: Deeper Insights Into The Illuminati Formula Used To Create An Undetectable Mind Controlled Slave (Clackamas OR: Springmeier & Wheeler)

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Analyses, Critiques and History of 

Illuminati / Freemason/ Anti-Enlightenment Conspiracy Theories

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Council on Foreign Relations,  Trilateral Commission,  Bilderbergers  /  New World Order  / 

Cecil Rhodes  /  Foundations

DD = Doctoral Dissertation;  MT = Master’s Thesis;  HT = Honors Thesis;  X = Other (BA Thesis, Rabbinical thesis, Senior Thesis, etc.)


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Edinburgh Review, July 1906: “Illuminism and the French Revolution”, p 57

"At the grand convention of Masonry held at Wilhelmsbad in 1782 the Order of the Strict Observance was suspended, and Von Knigge disclosed the scheme of Weishaupt to the assembled representatives of the masonic and mystical fraternities. Then and there disciples of Saint-Martin and of Willermooz, as well as the statesmen, scientists, magicians, and magistrates of all countries, were converted to Illuminism"

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