This web site
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many images of  the UK first editions
written by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

The books of Edgar Rice Burroughs have been widely reprinted in Britain usually a year or so after the US originals. Methuen was the first publisher to print the books and when Burroughs fell out with them other publishers were quick to pick up the franchise. Methuen did however produce some of the later titles.  It is worth noting that ‘Tarzan and  the Ant Men’ used the magazine wording for its British edition and the first part of ‘The Mucker’ was, unusually, printed first in Britain and is therefore the official 1st edition, the second  part was published later under the title ‘The Man without a soul’.

The author’s work had fallen out of favour in Britain by the 1940s but were reprinted in paperback by Goulden in the 1950s with some success. However it was the resurgence in the late 50s and 1960s when the titles really took off with the publication of all the Tarzan, Mars and Venus books in paperback by Four Square and New English Library. Tandem paperbacks published many of the other titles in the 1970s

Early British first editions with dust jackets command hundreds of pounds and are becoming increasingly hard to find. There is not a single copy of the Methuen edition of ‘The Girl from Hollywood’ anywhere on the net.

This site is an attempt to catalogue all the UK first editions, I think for the first time. All the books shown are 1st UK editions but some of the dust jackets are from later editions and this is noted under the image. Much of the information and the black & white images are taken from 'ERBANIA' Nos. 87-90 2004. For more information see 'Links'.

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