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Project visits

Norrköping (26th May-1st June 2018):


5 Spanish students and 2 teachers (English and Arts and Drama, technology ) went to Norrköping, Sweden, for the last visit of the project !

The students had a lot to do : write the end of the FACE play and perform it live before an audience, create the FACE art book and record the FACE song... 


Everything went fine, the students gave a remarkable performance and everyone had a really good time !


The last VISIT ………


Nîmes (4th February-10th February 2018):


26 students met in Nîmes, ( 3 of them are from Blanes) for the first project visit of year 3.


Our work topic was "art, culture and identity" and the students worked hard!


They mutualized the scenes written for the FACE play and woked in internationa groups to write the lyrics of the FACE song (the best lyrics were kept for the final song !).


The programme included visits of :

- The Antique theatre of Orange

- Nîmes and all its monuments linked to the Roman period

- the Tour de Constance in Aigues Mortes

And the students took part in workshops on Roman drama and shows ! Everyone had a great time...


Marvejols (27th May-2nd June 2017):

15 students met  in Marvejols for the secont visit of year 2. 

Our work topic was local economy and the programme included visits of : 

- the viaduct of Millau, whose construction was essential for the development of our local economy

- the livestock market of Laissac, the 2nd largest market in France

- the "Transhumance", a local festival showing the importance of agriculture and traditions for our economy and patrimony

The week was concluded by the organization of a European Economic and Health Fair at  the Collège Notre Dame.

  Was  a very funny activity  !


BLANES, Spain 5th -11th March 2017

 This year our Erasmus Plus F.A.C.E. meeting took place in our town. Forty five students and ten teachers from Turkey, Sweden, Norway, Germany and France visited Blanes for one week.
It was an intensive living together experience.


Visit to our City Hall




Master chef class

Master Class 
Catalan cuisine (Institut Coll i Rodés, LLoret)

Visit to La Pedrera

 Visit to La Pedrera (Barcelona)

Cuisine workshop

Fundació ALICIA (Navarcles)
Cuisine workshop

Google Docs Video

Marimurtra ecological vegetable garden

F.A.C.E. dinner party 


Fundació ALICIA (Navarcles)
Cuisine workshop

Paella in the masterclass

Master chef class in Lloret

Port of Blanes

Sailing lesson

Sant Benet

Visit to Monestir Sant Benet (Navarcles)

, Norway 29th May- 4th June 2016
This time five students and two teachers from Institut Serrallarga travelled to Bømlo (Norway) where our second F.A.C.E. meeting took place.

Bømlo, Norway 2016..mp4

A trip to Bømlo

Solar cars competition




Hello I’m Mar,

The last 29th of May  I went to Norway with 2 teachers and 4 students for a week. We stayed in a wonderful and lovely place. In that week we did many different activities such as canoeing, make a car that worked with solar energy, visit the Fiords... It was fun and I think we spent very good times. The families also made us spent good times. The families looked after us very well. Thanks to this experience I have learned more English words and also some words in Norwegian. I will never forget this experience and the nice people I met. I want to return to Norway another time.

My experience in Bømlo

On 29th of May I traveled to Bømlo. the first day was awful because we were all the time travel and is very boring.We arrived at the midnight and I had my first contact with the family.The second day in the morning I met Remi ,a French student ,who was also at  Marcus' home, he was very friendly and very nice person with me, when Remi Marcus and I arrived at school we went to meet other students and it was fun. From this experience I learned a lot about this country, and I have made many friends. My family was very kind to me during that week I felt like in my house because the mother of Marcus and his family treated me very well. The food was not a problem because it was all good,all week we did fun activities but the last day was the most difficult for me because I had to say goodbye to my family and all my friends it was very difficult for me to return to Spain.

This was the best week of my life, I will never forget this experience and I hope to see again to all my friends and hope to travel again to Bømlo.

By Ivan


This exchange was one of the best experiences of my life. Because I travelled with my friends, we stayed in our partner’s house and I met a lot of people from all around Europe.  

I improved my English and I learnt about their culture.  All of them are so friendly and ever are laughing.

We made a lot of things like… make a car race, visit a UFO line, do canoeing… and make a lot of friends!

Every day we went by ferry to the other island and I don’t believe it! A few days later it was more normal for me.

I stayed at Ingrid’s house and I miss her so much, I can’t wait to see her and many of the friends I made again the next year!

By: Marta Obiols Fuentes


Being in Norway was one of the best experiences I have ever lived.
Not only for the country, because of the amazing people had Imet , the activities and the cozy family that I've lived with.

The different activities that Norway prepared us, let us meet new people and thanks of that, learning different cultures, ways of living and some words in other languages. 
The people that I met there was amazing, funny and so nice, they made the week much better.
The family that I stayed with was very nice, too, attentive and they helped me whenever I needed.
I fitted so well with my partner, Tina. The first days we were so shy and didn't talk too much, but with time we realized that we had so much in common and we became friends. I'm so grateful to have you as a partner. I miss you so much and I hope to see you in Spain next year!

By Sandra


It has been an amazing experience to travel to Bomlo and meet new people. A part of my partner, I have met many new people and not only from Norway, but from different countries in Europe.

We have made many good friends that I hope will last a long time,as all my friends are from here and it is interesting to meet people from other nationalities.

Everyone has been very friendly with everyone.

The activities I loved, everything was very well organized, kayaking, the barbecue, time we spent with family, the Face Dance, etc…

The country presentations and discussions have been very interesting and it has made both, to learn English and learn a lot of new things about our environment.

It has been a very practical way to learn English, talking to everyone in English and practicingit. After a while speaking Englishyou just automatically speak and understand each other.

Mainly the mobility is focussed to learn English, but I think we've all learned some other languages.

I’ve had a great time in Bomlo. It was a very beautiful experience that I would repeat, I can’t waitthat they come to Spain, I’m very excited!!

I want to thank all those people who have made this trip unforgettable for me and for all, because I will not live it 2 times.

By Eli Taranenko



AMBERG, Germany 6th March-12th March 2016

During that week 13 students and 2 teachers from Institut Serrallarga travelled to Amberg (Germany) for our  first F.A.C.E. meeting.  
In that occasion all the schools presented their ecological houses and shared knowledge and experiences about sustainability. 


The students represented our school to the rest of the partners.


During these exchange days we did a lot of things and we met a lot of people, I made friends from all around the world, I cataloged this Erasmus of one of the best travels and experiences of my life. 
The German family was fantastic and we became very friends, also with  his family.
We went  to  kart racing, to ice-skating, to restaurants and we had a nice time.
I liked the museum visits and all the trips  were very useful and I learnt a lot of sustainability and renewable energies, I can’t wait for the next year to become the welcoming country and meet again with the German people. I hope that we practise sailing with them and go to the beauty beaches of the Costa Brava 
By David Lupiáñez 


This week was the best week in my life. I had a really nice week there. I have learnt a lot of things, I have improved my English, and I have learnt more things about sustainable houses.

I like all things and all people too. They were friendly and so crazy!!! All things that we did were funny but I think that the best thing was the Water World and the first day that we stay at the school with people that we didn’t know who they were.

My partner was Michael Krell a short boy with blonde hair. He had a little brother that he was 9 and their parents, Andy and Ines and after of them also I met more people like Marie, Perry, Luis, Frank, Laura, Julian, Lea, Fanny, Simon, Pierre... They are nice people.

I think that this project is a very good experience because you can learn a lot of things but you can meet new people of many countries and this it’s a chance that you can’t do it every day.

By Gerard Pouget



A trip to Amberg

Last  March was a wonderful month because all we went to Amberg, Germany in an Erasmus trip.

I’ve travelled many times, but this single time was so special, because we didn’t go to any hotel: we went to our partner’s House. This kind of exchanges is so nice, because you can compare your traditional life with the one of your partner.
In the same trip we visited many places as museums, Organizations for the ecology, cities as Nuremberg and Munich and our partner’s school. We presented too our ecological house project and it liked in the public.
Even I was so far from my family, I didn’t miss them because I felt like in my own house. I tried lots of different German meals and dishes and they were absolutely delicious. My partner’s mum baked a mandarin cake and I fell in love with it, so I asked for the recipe and I aimed it!
The experience of flying and travelling lots of kilometres with your own school mates was really weird but, with no doubt, very gorgeous. 
I bought some souvenirs but they were, in big part, food souvenirs! I bought Harry Potter in German, some chocolate bunnies and snacks, candy and a cd with music by Nikolai Rimski-Korsakov.
One of the most nice and unforgettable things was to achieve my biggest aim for the trip: to learn German. My exchange family and my environment in Amberg helped me to learn many words and, today I can say easily: Ich liebe Deutschland! I love Germany! 

With love,



I really loved  this trip, it was very nice.
In this travel I have learned a lot of things like: characteristics of renewable houses, what is it that most pollutes and what we can be done to protect the planet.
I like the town and the houses (there are so large), and I like how people behaved with me. The travels to different villages were very entertaining and we had fun.
My partner Antonia and all of her friends were so lovely and cute.
I’m so excited because the next year they come here and I want to see them!

By Kelly Coleto


My experience

This week I have learned many things of Germany. It has been an amazing experience. I have met a lot of people from France, Sweden, Norway, Turkey and Germany. I think that I have upgraded my English level during this project.
In the first day we were all very nervous and we took the bus at 4:30 am. Then we arrived at the airport of Barcelona and we wait unit our fly. Then we took the plane. For many of us it was the first time that we travelled by plane and It was amazing. Then we took a second fly, trains and finally we arrived in Amberg.
My family was waiting there and we went to their house by car. Their house was very beautiful and I slept alone in a bedroom.
My Exchange partner was called Daniela and she has a brother. There were their parents too. I was treated very well.
During these days we visited a lot of interesting museums and we did a lot of activities. We visited Munich, Ensdorf, we went swimming in Water World, we went shopping…
One day we visited a park of sustainable houses and it was very interesting.
I had a lot of fun singing in the bus with the Sweden people!
At the last day we exposed our sustainable house and the other countries, too. We did a good presentation and our house was very pretty. We had a finally party and we danced a lot with the music and all the people!
We went a lot of days to had dinner in Mcdonalds and some restaurants with some Spanish and German boys and girls.
But the last day came and we had to say goodbye to the families and we took the train at 12:30 approximately. Then we wait at the airport and we took two planes and the bus. Finally we arrived in Blanes and our parents were waiting there. I missed a lot my friends and my house.

By Laura Serra


My experience in Germany 

On March 6th I traveled to Germany. First we had to ride on a bus to the airport of Barcelona, we were all very quiet because it was 3:45 in the morning. What the  weirdest thing for  me was leaving my country without the presence of my parents. The flights I made were quite long, but it was fun to have friends who traveled on the same plane. What it was new  was that I first traveled by train, it became heavy and we had to grab 2 meters. 
Upon arrival at the train station, we met our German families and  they took us to their houses.
The family caused me a good impression, because they were very kind and concerned to me.
What struck me was that only drank water with gas, but I  bought bottles of water without gas.
I was surprised tos stay  with a Norwegian, it was really nice and friendly and we became very good friends.
Every morning we took the bus to go to school. Upon arrival to school I felt nervous yet eager to meet my future colleagues. We started the morning doing two hours of classes, in the first class,  I could sit next to one of my colleagues, and in the second class we were doing physics. Then, we went to eat and had to go to the city council for meeting  the Mayor.
He could talk to us and at the end we went to the pool. The next four days  we went to several museums, bowling alleys and also a visit to Munich, Nuremberg and Ensdorf. Some evenings we met in the center of town, to buy souvenirs and stuff. In contrast to Spain, Germany seems not to be so stressed and things are taken more calmly.
I was sad to say goodbye to my new friends as we took much appreciation. The return to Spain was quieter since we were exhausted because of many transports. 
When we got off the airport I felt at home, and could return to see my family and tell all the adventures of Germany.

By Nerea Cuesta


My trip to Germany

This trip to Germany has been very fun and I have learned a lot of things about other cultures and about ecology. In the first day I was very tired but happy at the same time, then when I sleep I could enjoy my stay in Germany.
My partner and his family were very nice people, but they don't know much English, but enough to communicate.
Every Night I called my parents, because they miss me a lot, but I was well because I was having a lot of fun with my new friends.
The most surprising thing was that the German is a language very difficult, compared with English or Spanish.
There I have made a lot of friends and we still talking by Whatsapp.
For me the best moment in Germany was The lunch in the "AsiaPalaz" with all theSpanishand German groups, it was a very nice moment.
The Worst moment in Germany Was in the train station when we left that beautiful place.
Now I can'twait to see my friends the next year in Spain.
It was the most exiting and fun experience that I have ever had. 
By Oriol Albertí


Project F.A.C.E.

My stay in Germany has been very productive since I have met many people from other countries and have visited many interesting places. For me, it was a great opportunity to learn about sustainability and the economy as it is today, out of the country only few people can do.

Of the thousand and one experiences these days that we were, I'm with friends I've made. On what I liked most was when we visited Munich because I could see the football stadium Allianz Arena which is called and we could enjoy some free time to go to the center and shopping.

Among the things that surprised me, the fact that it make dinner and go to bed early so I hit quite early days, another aspect that struck me was his personality, are closed to outsiders but overall we were very well received at all.

In my case I was lucky because I had family that had a lot of money and they take very good care during the week we were there. In addition to the activities that were already planned for the day to day, we left some afternoons to go to the center of Amberg and one night we went to dinner at Mc Donald's with some people in Germany.

The best moment for me was the last day of the festival, where music and we got up on stage to dance “La Macarena” in front of everyone. It was a shame to have goodbye after all a wonderful week that for sure, we never forget.

By Paula López


My experience

I have liked this great experience that I have lived, because I have seen how German people live in another country. I have learned more English and now I can speak better English thanks to this trip. What I liked of Germany was that the people were concerned with everything. Streets are very clean. The people take care of all the things, do not spoil them. When they go to the school and the class begins they kept very silent, only the teacher is listened as the subject is explained. Also I have liked because the teachers do not ask for homework. Also I liked the cities since they are decorated, some shops of clothes, the restaurants are very nice and the parks, and the last thing that I have liked is that the motor-coaches have Wi-Fi. What I haven’t liked is that the Germans were eating too much early, also I didn’t like some food, for example the raw sausages, the cheese and a lot of butter in the food. I have liked very much this experience of going to Germany because I have known another different culture, the way they live, I have known German people and have eaten German food.

By Sharon Segovia


What I liked about  the trip to Germany

What I liked from this trip to Germany with colleagues of different schools was basically all. I liked many activities than we did in Schedule "scholar" as which we did in the evenings with the chairs that we hosted.
Activities that we did in the evenings I liked because we always went a group of friends in which came my Spanish friends, we went to different sites, one day led us to give a tour of Germany, another day took us to the karts...
Also I really liked how  my family treated me, the 3 last days was fun because the sister of the mother with her two children (2 were small, between 8 years). Also, I liked to be treated as their own child.
Also I really liked the food, I only ate 3 times at home, everything else was or because  the parents to us to eat at a restaurant or on a tour that gave me the sandwich or because we were going to eat out with the friends. The best day as when we went to have  dinner at Mcdonalds with the Spanish and German people.

By Victor Barrio