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School year  2016-17

Visit to the fish auction market in Blanes  February 2017

The Institut Serrallarga students in 3rd ESO visited
Blanes Fish Auction Market (la llotja de Blanes) and the fish company
Grup Ros.






From October to January, the Institut Serrallarga students in 4th ESO worked on healthy diet and healthy lifestyle
through the webquest  HEALTHY LIFE

Healthier life style

School year  2015-16

F.A.C.E. Day 27th April 2016

3rd E.S.O. students from Institut Serrallarga presented their model ecological houses . They explained and showed their productions in an exhibition which was received and followed with enthusiasm by rest of the school community.

F.A.C.E. Day, the Film

Vídeo de YouTube


Working on the posters for the Sustainability exhibition in Bømlo (Norway) April 2016.

We are preparing four posters on topics related to recycling, reusing and reducing. 

Sustainable Architecture
Last 26th of February Mrs. Bàrbara García, an architect specializing in pedagogy of architecture, gave us a wonderful lecture about sustainable architecture. The second and third year students of our Secondary School enjoyed this event where we all learnt what it means exactly the concept of sustainability: bio-architecture, passive architecture, green architecture... are words that we often confuse and Bàrbara defined them for us through examples of real buidings.

In summary, we concluded that a sustainable building is one that is best suited to the environment in which it is built and used materials nearby that are easily found in the local areas and they do not involve large costs or waste of any kind. Good isolation, a better use of light, local materials and specially in the case of our area, proper ventilation, will help to make our houses more sustainable.

Building models of 
ecological houses ( December-March 2016)
The 3rd ESO students built their models for a sustainable house in their technology lessons.

Logo contest
The students of 2nd and 3rd ESO have participated in a contest for the election of our F.A.C.E. logo.Two of them have been elected and sent to represent our country.
Here we can show all the logos presented in the contest.


Sustainable houses in the English class
Projects on sustainable houses with our students.
Our 2nd ESO students have worked on ecological houses in the English class during October and November 2015.

Sustainable Houses Project