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Economy and health

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Health app:

This year we started producing ideas for a health app. First, we went to app store and google play to find out what kind of apps there already is about health. After we had gotten some inspiration we parted up into two groups and then we sat down and drew down our ideas on a paper. When both groups were done, we got together and combined our ideas for our app.

The concept of our app is that you can unlock levels. The only thing you have to do is to be active. Your phone will register your movement and the more you move the more point you will get, witch will give you better ratings. As you unlock new levels you also unlock new healthy food recipes. There will be a chatting area, where you can send text messages to your friends and share your ratings. 

In the shcool year 2016/2017 we have worked on a brochure were we present five of the products and companies on Bømlo. We started by visiting the different companies, taking pictures and interviewing some of their employes, before writing text about who they are and what they do.

The brochure contains both information and pictures from the five companies; Bygdatunet, Synålen, Napier, Espevær Laks and Opplev Bømlo. From producing salmon to making traditional norwegian clothing called bunad, and arranging activities for tourists and local citisens, we thing these five companies reprecent the businesses on Bømlo in a wery good way.