Project visits


Spain, Blanes 5th March – 11th March 

We started traveling early on Sunday at 06:00am, we were nervous and excited. When we arrived Blanes we waited at the Hotel and we all waited patiently, my friend Synne was the most nervous and it was really funny.
Georgina and her mom picked me up, and I received a warm welcome. 
I was really nervous but they told me they were too. Georgina’s parents were really nice and welcoming, and Georgina was too. Her little sister was really cute and the dog also. 
The first day I was really nervous to meet all the people. And when 
we arrived our destination there were 
REALLY many people. I went to my Norwegian friends, and some of Georgina’s friends wanted to greet me. All of Georgina’s friends were nice including herself and I hope they’re doing well.  Many people thought that I was Linda or knew I was her little sister, and personally I don’t think we look that much alike…
The days were planned, but it was a lot of waiting when we were going places. But I understand that because it was so many people, it was like 10 from Germany and 10 from France I think. And it is hard to organize so many people. But in all, the trip was actually really fun, more than I expected and I miss all the nice people and th
e beautiful village. 
I wish the trip was longer because I feel like one week wasn’t enough to get to know so many people. There were so many nice and beautiful people there and I hope you all are doing well. I will see you soon, thank you for all the memories, this was unforgettable!


My trip to Spain  2017.

What we doing under the trip we played games at the airport, I do not remember much of the trip.
Where we was in Europa we was in spain in blanes and it was rushed within barcelona.
How experienced I ride I think it was exciting, and so I was scared because that family coming and picked me up, and I was afraid that they were not kind to me. Marta`s parents was very happy to meet me and her little sister was very happy to .
What I will miss their minds, as I divorce in and then I miss the warm in spain, and so I will miss the people who I became friends with. And I will miss my friend Nuria.
How it was and live whit promotional family they were very kind they gave me evrything, and it was also very nice and stay there because they divorse in house with pool outside.  


Amberg - 6th-12th March 2016

In March, five of the Norwegian students travelled to Amberg, Germany. It was a 12 hour long trip by plane and train. 

In Germany we got to visit a lot of interresting places, like the City hall, kurfursten bad, the bowling alley, passive houses and the monastery.

Highlights from our stay in Germany:


My trip to Germany

My trip to Germany was amazing, I never thought that I would have so much fun, and meet so many amazing people.

We did a lot of awsome things like looking around all the museums, going to WATERWORLD. Making a lot of new memories.

My exchange partner Miriam was very nice and funny. Her family was really cool and also funny. Something I didn’t now was that Miriam had two exchange partner, Me and also Nerea from Spain. She was cute and also funny >-<. I had a lot of fun staying at Miriam’s house.

We did a lot of things, but there where days were we just relaxed, talk and also laugh so much our tummy hurt. Shopping was one of those days where I could go around and have a look around the town and also the shops >-<. Going home from all the shopping was the best part, it was that time where I could eat and talk to my family and also relax.

Watching from my room how the city is at night and at day time, was beautiful. I love the view from the room I shared with Nerea. It was almost the best part of the house! I learn a lot of this trip, and although it was a little boring, I think I learn something I will carry on my why to my future.

Now I’m really exited to the people who’s coming here in Norway, in the end of may. I can’t wait! Hope to see some known faces around here.

Thank u Amberg for showing me a lot on that week!

Lots of hugs