Films from the visit in Norway:

Note: Some films can be impossible to play in some countries due to regulations/rights using music in the films. 

Earth Hour

2 days before Earth hour we made a poster that we hanged up and we made some small sheets with information about Earth hour and handed them out in 7-10th grade.

Earth hour was on Saturday from 08.30pm to 09.30pm. Earth hour is a climate action that happens every year to save current and save the earth!

This should happen in your house, we tried to encouraged the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th graders and their family to turn of all the lights in their house.               Turn off the lights to make the world brighter.

Earth hour only lasts for one hour. 

This is the little patch we made and handed out, the poster looked quite the same only one more photo and not that much text and it was much bigger.