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Q1. Tell us something about yourself
Q2. Why did you choose the subject "International Connections"?
Q3. What are your expectations for working with the F.A.C.E project?


Hello, my name is Petra I am a 15 old girl form an island called Bømlo. Bømlo is a small island on the west coast of Norway. My hobbies are reading books and drawing. On my spare time I like spending time with my friends. Since we live so close to the sea a lot of our after school activities includes the ocean, For instance fishing, canoeing and driving boat.


The reason why I chose this project, is because I think is both a fun and a learning full subject. This year will be my third year in the project. The first year I chose this project witch was in 8th grade, the application didn't get threw, so that was a hard year because it was little to do. I was really happy when the application was accepted and we finally had a project. Last year I got the opportunity to travel to Germany. It was a trip I will remember for the rest of my life.


My expectations regarding the project this year, is that it will be fun but also challenging. I want to learn more about the different countries, but my main goal is to get better in English. I am also really interested in economy, so I am really glad that’s the team for the year.