About us

Hillestveit skule

Hillestveit is a school in Langevåg, south on the island of Bømlo. The school is for both children and youth in the ages 6-16 years old divided into 10 classes. On Hillestveit skule there are 159 students this year. Together with the students there are also 26 teachers and 4 assistants.


The School

Our school consists of two buildings. The oldest building was built in 1965. In 1979 the newest building was built. The new building contains a library, pool, teacher areas, rooms for meetings, woodworks room, arts and crafts room, a kitchen and the principals office. this is also where the schools youth section is. The youth section is the middle school. Here students in the ages of 13-16 have their classrooms and own spaces free from the younger students.


As football is one  of the most popular activity in the breaks, we have 3 football pitches in our school. There is also a playground for the younger students and a tennis court. Other than that we also have lots of benches and a jogging/walking track around our school.


Langevåg Bygdatun

In 2005 Langevåg Bygdatun was built. The school often uses its indoor sports arena and equipment during gym lessons. We also use the cinema premises on Bygdatunet when the school is having gatherings or events.


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