Project Visits

Project-meeting at Norrköping / Sweden (2018)

Arts workshop

At the Göta canal

Evening impression of Norrköping
The German group


Openair museum in Linköping

My days in Sweden with Erasmus + F.A.C.E.

My days in Sweden with the Erasmus + F.A.C.E. exchange project made a great impression on me. It felt good to be in another country and I have enjoyed their culture.

We did some field trips to popular areas around Norrköping. For example we visited Boda Borg, which is a kind of amusement park made from an old building. We also visited Gota canal, which is a historic site. There we did a hike on a nearby hill. The last field trip we did was to Gamla Linköping were we had a barbecue. Gamla Linköping is an open air museum showing the old culture of Sweden.

In school we had a day, where we had to do workshops, which relate to school, our stage play and the history of Norrköping. On Tuesday we had a traditional Swedish Fika and after that we had the task to finish our pages in the F.A.C.E. Art book and finish the end of the stage play. On Wednesday we first trained our stage play once more and in the evening we had to perform our stage play. On Thursday evening we had the F.A.C.E. dinner party which was the last time meeting all together.

The host family was very nice to me and to the French exchange student who was also at their place. My exchange partner had two sisters and a little brother. At their place I felt closely to being home. Sadly we had to leave after just one week.


Our journey to Norrköping was a big adventure. We arrived at 8pm and went through the city. Our first day was short, but funny. All new students we met are open and friendly. The 2nd day began early. We spent the day in Bodaborg, a big house with many riddles. In mixed groups we wanted to manage physical and mental riddles, so that we got to know each other well. The whole day was a lot of fun. In the evening we made a party in a park and 5 different countries played football.

On monday was the school our target. We worked in groups on our artbook, wrote an ending fort he FACE-Play, got a guided tour through the school and thought about FACE and what it means for me. The plan for the next day was to sing our FACE-Song and having a “Fika”, a typical Swedish cake- and teaparty. The wednesday was our “FACE-Play-day”. We exercised the stageplay, made all costumes and other stage things and – at last – acted it.

We visited Linköping, an open air museum about the old Swedish culture, the Visualiserungscenter, and the dome, where we watched an interesting film about the spaceshuttle history and the ISS. On our last evening together was the Erasmus+ Party. It was a wonderful and nice last dinner together with our exchange partners and their families.

The journey was impressive. Everyday had a lot of fun, new friends, new memories and a new experience.


When we arrived in Sweden my first impression of the Scandinavian country was that Sweden is a  beautiful country. On the first day we had some Spanish food that is called Enchiladas and it was really delicious.

The next day we went by bus to Boda Borg, it was really funny there. Boda Borg is like a house full of adventures. There are lots of rooms where you can go in and solve the riddle. If you solved it right, you got a stamp. After that we had a barbecue at my guests' family home. On top of that it was Mothers' day and what I recognized was that each house had a big Sweden flag. Then we played a Swedish game outside in the garden. We also played some cards and we heard some music.

The third day we had projects to do. We were divided into international groups. The projects were to create an art book and to end the role play. We were guided in the school and we had lunch in the school canteen. It was also a nice day.

On the fourth day we continued the projects and recorded a song. And then we went to Söderköping. We hiked on a small mountain there and after that we had ice cream. And then in the evening we went shopping for buying some souvenirs and we had some pizza.

The fifth day we worked on the play, had some lunch and after that we performed it. And on Thursday the last day we were in Sweden we've visited an Open Air Museum in Linköping, which was really interesting. Then we watched a film in the Dome in the visualiseringscenter in Norrköping. And in the evening we had a dinner party. On the next day we were back in Germany.


View on Söderköping

Project-meeting at Nîmes (February 2018)

German group in Nîmes

Tour of Nîmes

Rehearsal of FACE play

Workshop on Costumes

Theatre Workshop

Excursion to Aigues Mortes

Excursion to Orange

Les Arènes d'Orange


Pictures from our project-meeting at Marvejols (May 2017)



Reports on the project-meeting at Marvejols

Last week, me and nine other students, from my school flew to France, to learn and do something our local economies.It was a very nice time there and now I would like to write what we have done in this week.

On Saturday at 11:15 we flew with Lufthansa from Nürnberg to Frankfurt and then from Frankfurt to  Lyon. At last we went to Marvejols by bus, where we were picked up at 23:30 by our exchange partners. After I arrived at my exchange partner's home, I ate something and went to bed, because I was very tired after this long day. On the second day I was allowed to sleep until ten o´clock, because it was Sunday and there was no school. At around 12 o´clock we went eating at friends' of my exchange family. We ate " Aligot ", which is a traditional meal that is made from potatoes and cheese.

On Monday school began again and we had a meeting with the headmistress Mrs. Bayle. Then we made an icebreaking activity to get to know the other students from other countries. At 11o´clock we went to Millau to see the " Viaduc de Millau ", the highest viaduct in the world. After we saw the viaduct, we made a picnic and then had free time in the centre of Millau. On Tuesday, we visited a big cow market, which is called
"Foirail ". Then we went to a restaurant. Afterwards we went canoeing on a river. On Wednesday, every country made a presentation, in the school of Marvejols and afterwards we prepared our stalls and gave local products from Germany to the other partners and French people at the school. In the end there was a big dinner party, for the FACE partners and their exchange families. On Friday morning, at 7 o´clock, we went by bus back to Lyon where we wanted to fly back to Frankfurt, but our plane was broken and we had to stay another night in France. On our last day, we flew back to Munich, at around nine o´clock and arrived in Germany at 10:40.

In the end our Erasmus+ project was successful and I´m happy that I had a nice and friendly exchange family. I would be glad to do this again.

Our journey to Marvejols took us a whole day and finally, after two flights, several hours of waiting and a four hour long trip by bus we, a group of ten students of eighth grade, arrived in the south of France in the region “Languedoc-Roussillon” late at night. This department of France is very mountainous with many cozy villages with old houses, so you don’t find many big cities there and that’s why their biggest economy sector is agriculture. During our journey by bus we made new friends with some students from Sweden, as we all speak enough English to understand each other. But in the French host families it is more useful to talk in French, because they are not “very talented in languages”. My family was very nice and welcoming we laughed a lot and understood each other very well and it was a perfect chance to practice my French.

On our first real day, Sunday the 28th, we had the opportunity to take part in a unique event which only exists once in France and happens only once a year: the “Transhumance”. This is a spectacle where a parade of festive decorated cows moves up a mountain to spend the summer on the green meadows. This event is visited by thousands of tourists who even travel there with camping-cars. The next day we got to know the students from the other countries better and afterwards, we visited the Viaduc of Millau which is with its 345m the tallest Viaduc in the world. After that we spent the afternoon in the city-center of Millau. On Tuesday we had the chance to see a very big market of cows and then we visited a traditional bakery in a little medieval village. We had lunch with organic products in a restaurant. In the afternoon we had a lot of fun canoeing on the river Lot. We pushed each other in the water which was very funny and laughed a lot.

The following day we had to work hard. At first each country presented itself and after that we set up stalls to introduce the visitors to our country’s local economy and specialties on the fair which was on Thursday. Afterwards my exchange partner and I visited a wolf park. On Thursday finally the Fair about healthy lifestyle and local economy took place at the “College Notre Dame”, the secondary school of the French exchange partners. Apart from our stalls there were also a cow, some sheep and a rabbit shown and a lot of local products like cheese but also snails sold. In the evening there was the F.A.C.E. dinner party where we ate “aligot”, a specialty made out of mashed potatoes and melted cheese. We needed to get used to it but in the end it was quite yummy.

Then the day of our departure arrived and I was very sad because I had to say goodbye to my wonderful and nice host family and all those new people I met and many of us cried. After an exhausting trip by bus and a very long waiting time we finally sat in the airplane ready to take off but there was a problem with the turbines so we had to stay for another night in the hotel in Lyon which we all liked very much and it was quite funny.

I loved the trip to France: it was a completely new and exciting experience, I made a lot of new friends from all over Europe and I learned a lot about the local economy of all the countries which took part in this project, especially about the local economy of Marvejols.

Pictures from our project-meeting at Blanes (March 2017)

Reports on the project-meeting at Blanes (Spain)


Project visit in Amberg
Sunday, March 6th to Saturday, March 12th 2016



Welcome by the headmaster, Mr. Welnhofer

Welcome by the major


Presentation of model houses


Workshop in the German Museum

Visit of Munich


Workshop on renewable energies

Workshop on renewable energies

Workshop on renewable energies

Bowling alley


Visit of documentation centre

Visit of Fertighauswelt (passive houses)


Erasmus+ party


Hello everybody!

I really miss you because the time with you was so great! But I think that the time with you was too short and I’m looking forward to seeing my exchange partner Kelly and all the other Spanish guys in Spain :)

In our free time we went into the city to go shopping with other Spanish and German girls and we laughed very much! Kelly taught me some Spanish words for example the numbers or the colours (it’s a pity that I forgot most of the words I learned) and I taught her some German words, too. One evening we went to the Beanery (that’s a small café) and it was also great when we took photos on the Mariahilf-hill with Anna and Emily! One day we played games in my house with the other girls for example the game “hangman” after that we went outside because of the snow. And on the last evening after the party we stayed at the house of Daniela where we watched a film and we listened to Spanish songs (they’re really great :) )

It was never boring with you and we really had fun :) I really enjoyed the time with you and I think that we’ll have fun in Blanes next year, too, Kelly!

Love, Antonia (from Germany)

Hi everybody!

I miss you very much because the week with you was really great!

In the free time Anna and I often went to the city centre to meet the others and go shopping. But on the first day we went with Iosune and Sophie to the Beanery, a little café in Amberg, to have fun. On our last day we made beautiful pictures on the hill from our city with Antonia and Kelly! After that we went directly to a workshop with Eva, Sharon, Sophie, Iosune, Antonia, Kelly, Anna, me and some other nice people and made eggcups.

I hope I will see you again in Spain next year!

Love, Emily (from Germany, Amberg)


It was a great time with my exchange partner from Spain. We had so much fun and we laughed so much.

In the evening we sometimes played table tennis and "Mensch ärgere dich nicht" - a game that was invented in Amberg and now it is played all over the world. One afternoon we visited the "Maria-Hilfberg", that's the hill of our city with a beautiful church. On another afternoon we were to a youth group with my friends and some Spanish guys. It was very funny. One afternoon we were to the city centre of Amberg. We went into some shops and met our friends. I liked to learn some Spanish words. I found it was very nice that the Spanish people taught me some words. The last evening was fantastic because we took so many pictures and we had much fun. But in the end it was sad because we had to say “Goodbye". On Saturday we brought our guests to the train station and then they left. It was a sad day because I had to say Goodbye to my new friends.

Now I miss you but I'm looking forward to next year when I'll go to Spain.


The week with the exchange partners was very funny. We had a lot of fun together. When they arrived on Sunday, I showed them my village and we talked a lot. At my house there were 2 pupils from Turkey.

On Monday they went with me to school and there we had a presentation, where the guests showed us their cities. After the presentations we walked together into the city to have lunch. It was very funny and we noticed that we all love chocolate. Later we went with all the others to the swimming pool. After that the Spanish guests, me and a friend with a Turkish student went to Mc Donald’s. We made so many new friends there.

The next day they went to Munich so I saw them only in the evening and they were so tired that we went to bed. On Wednesday we had lunch at an Asian restaurant, our teachers were there, too, so we sat down at the other side of the restaurant. After lunch we went to a bowling alley. It was so nice to spend time with people who don't speak your language. When we didn’t know a word we used the Google translator, that was so funny.

The next day we went to Nürnberg. There we were in a museum und in a park with passive houses. On Friday evening there was the farewell-party. There were so many tears. But we all enjoyed the last day together. On Saturday in the morning we brought them to the train station and they went to Nürnberg and flew home.

We all were very unhappy that our time was over now. The week was too short and I'm so happy when I will see some of them next year again.


The week with my Turkish exchange partner was very beautiful and exciting. I was very happy when I fetched her at the station. It was very interesting for me to learn something about the Turkish culture and habits.

The trip on Monday was very funny, we went to the city to eat something and then we went to the swimming pool. We didn’t have much time for swimming but it was very nice. On Wednesday we went to the Bowling World. My favourite trip was the one to Nuremberg. There we visited an interesting museum. Later we went into the city and did some shopping. After that we visited a place where they showed us modern houses. It was very interesting. On Friday I invited Marie, Maika and their exchange partners to my home. First we made a cake for the final party in the evening. Then we got ready for the party. The party was very cool.

On Saturday it was time to say "good bye". I was sad and I will miss my exchange partner.


Hello everybody,

my name is Marie and I’'m from Germany. I will tell you something about my week with my exchange partner. Her name is Petra and she is from Norway.

The first day we visited the town hall of Amberg. After this we went to the Kufü waterworld, this was fun!!! The next day, all exchange partners went to München. They visited the Deutsche Museum and did some workshops. On Wednesday they were in Ensdorf and learnt something about the solar houses, after this they came back and we went together to the Bowling World in Amberg! We had international teams, this was great, because I got to know more about the other pupils. The next day we drove to Nürnberg and visited the documentation center. It was about the history of Germany, this was really interesting. Then we had free time and we went shopping! After this we drove to a “house world” in Heßdorf, we saw houses which are environmentally friendly. On Friday there was a party at our school, our exchange partners made presentations. So we learnt more about their countries and their villages. It was really interesting!

I miss them all and hope that I will see them again!


The days before my exchange partner came I was very nervous but also a little bit happy.  On Sunday my father, my sister and I went to the train station and waited there for the train with the exchange partners. My friend and I were really nervous. Then the train came and I saw lots of people coming out of the train but suddenly I saw her and I was really nervous because it was my first exchange. I went up to her and we hugged and said „hello“ to each other and then my friend came with her exchange partner and we introduced them to each other. After that my dad and my sister came and said „hello“ and crabbed her bag and took us to the car.

In the car we had to wait a few minutes because there were many cars on the parking lot. We went home and at home I showed her around and introduced her to my mum and my brother. Then Ela wanted to unpack her things so I left her alone and went to the living room where we planed what to do next. Ela came down and wanted the Wifi password and after she had it she went upstairs to make some calls to her friends. After half an hour she came down with lots of presents for us e.g. sweets and coffee from Turkey, a pullover for me which I wore the next day :) and Turkish crockery. After that we went up to the Maria-Hilf-Berg and had some hot chocolate and a „Windbeutel“. We had a great view over the whole of Amberg, so we took some photos with her. In the evening she only wanted to sleep because the trip was very long.

On Monday my dad drove Ela and me to school and we both had the first two lessons together. In the first lesson we had religious instruction and we talked about monasticism. In the second lesson we had physics. After the lesson my friend Miriam and me took our exchange partners to the MZR. After the third lesson we had a break and then there was an event for all classes of year 7 and their partners. The exchange partners presented themselves and their countries. After the event Ela and I went into the city to eat something at “Kochlöffel” and had our lunch there. Next we went to the H&M store and looked around the other shops for clothes and books. Suddenly we met friends and joined them until we had to go to the town hall for a welcome of the mayor . After that we all went to the swimming pool where we stayed until 16:30. We were very tired but we went to Edeka to get some food for Ela for Tuesday. At home we ate a lit bit and then we went to bed.

On Tuesday we went to school by bus and then I brought Ela to the MZR, she went to Munich with the other exchange partners and some Germans. At 19:30 we fetched Ela and had only a small supper, before we went to bed. On Wednesday I brought Ela to MZR and had a normal school day until 12:15. Then we went home and had our lunch and chilled a bit till we had to go to the “Bowlingwelt” and spent there 2 hours. At home we ate and watched a film until we wanted to go to bed because we were so tired.

On Thursday Ela went to Nuremberg and we fetched her one hour earlier than expected. On Friday we had two lessons together in the MZR and afte that we had normal lessons until 13:00 and then I fetched her and we went together to an Italian restaurant where we had a very good pizza (each of us). Of course, with my family, we needed my dad to pay the bill! And then we went into the city again and did some shopping and after coming home, we had enough time to chill until 18:00. At 18:00 we went to an event at the school canteen.

On Saturday we woke up early in the morning and had breakfast before we went to the train station. At the station there were lots of people with their exchange partners. And then the train came and I hugged Ela. At that moment I felt how cool it was that she was here. And we took the last photo, said goodbye and hugged her for the last time. Then she went to her group and got on the train and we waved goodbye to each other and then she was gone.

I was really sad and I do hope that I will see her again in two years’ time when I will go to Turkey!!!


When the exchange students were here I had a lot of fun. They were very friendly to us and we were able to communicate well.

On Monday we were at the swimming pool and it was very nice. On Tuesday all exchange partners were in Munich and on Wednesday the exchange pupils were in Ensdorf and in the afternoon we were at the bowling alley together. On Thursday they were in Nürnberg. Me and my best friend Laura went with them to Nürnberg, too. We spent the whole day there, so we had no lessons. First we were in a museum and then we looked at energy-saving houses.

On Friday, me and my exchange partner Iosune were at the KJG where we met with Eva, Sharon, Kelly, Antonia, Emily and Anna. At the KJG we made Easter rabbits. The exchange partners found the Easter rabbits really cute and together we had a lot of fun. In the evening we were at the Erasmus+ Evening where the exchange students presented their countries and in the end we danced together on the stage. The best part was when the exchange students from Spain and some German students danced the Macarena. On Saturday all exchange students flew back home.

All in all it was a great week with a lot of fun.


It was really fun to spend the time with my exchange partner and the other exchange partners.

My partner was really nice and she gave us many presents so I was really glad. On the first day my friends and I went with our exchange partners to McDonalds and it was so much fun.On Wednesday after school we went to an Asian restaurant and my friends and I taught them how to use chopsticks and after a while they were able to use them. In the evening we met at the Beanery,but not many of us came. My exchange partner was from Turkey and the others were from Spain,but they made friends and we did lots of funny and stupid things.

On the last day in the evening all students ran on the stage and danced, then we sang Happy Birthday for Mrs. Raub and in the end we were all very sad so that even some of the students began to cry because it was so much fun and we knew that some of us will not meet again.


Reports on the project-meeting at Bømlo (Norway)

Hello, my name is Denisa and I was in Norway in May/June 2016 ☺ I got a lot of new memories with the friends I made there, and I would like to share them with you.

On our first day in Norway (Saturday) we stayed at a hotel in Bergen and we visited the city, which was very impressive. The day after that (Sunday) we went to Bømlo where we met our host families ☺ Even though I was a little nervous about staying at a boy’s house, the family was really nice and kind to me! They were all very open and friendly. So there was Maxi, my exchange partner, his two brothers Matteo and Florian, and his parents, Daniela and Maik. The evening I arrived there Maxi and I went around by boat with some of his friends. It’s pretty cool that 14 -year-olds are allowed to drive boats, but that’s normal in Norway.

On Monday the pupils of each country had a presentation about themselves and then we got tasks that we should get done in international groups. At 14:30 we were done and had time to be with the families, but in the evening we had a tour of Bømlo by boat. We had a pretty bad weather but that didn’t stop us from having fun 😃

On Tuesday we visited a very impressive boat called Viking Poseidon. Afterwards we went to Seashore in Bremnes. Then we had some free time at home and after that we went to the beach where we could choose between different activities (canoeing and fishing). I couldn’t stay there the whole time because Maxi had a football match which I wanted to see but it still was great. Who thought canoeing could be so much fun?

On Wednesday we had some very interesting lectures and presentations from organizations and people that taught us about ecology and each country presented the work that they have done during this project. After those things were done, we had time with the families and in the evening we went to Espevær where we were hiking and afterwards we went to an activity centre where we had dinner and danced ☺ On Thursday we visited a Hydro Power Station and afterwards we went up a mountain where we had a snow fight 😂

On our last day together we worked in international groups and prepared a dance for the goodbye-party. At the beginning of the party each group presented the videos they’ve done during that week. Then we ate and danced until it was time to say goodbye. It was all very emotional and sad, I don’t think I have seen any girl not crying. We all hugged everyone, even the ones we didn’t know.  The very last goodbye was not as hard as the one at the party but it still was very sad 😔

I miss everyone and I hope I’ll be able to see them again soon!!

Greetings from Germany

My trip to Norway was very exciting. My host family was extremely friendly and I had much fun with them. On Saturday, early in the morning, we had to get up and go by plane to Amsterdam and then we flew from Amsterdam to Bergen. Bergen is a very nice city and we had a great time there. On Sunday we went by boat to Bømlo. Bømlo is a beautiful island with a splendid landscape. The wohle week we learned much about Norway. It was very interesting to learn something about the environment. I liked the trip to the beach where we did some canoeing most. It was really fun. The party on Friday was really cool but it was also sad because we had to say "Good Bye". I miss Norway very much but I took a lot of good memories with me to Germany and I'm sure, I will visit Norway sometime again.

Greetings from Amberg

First I would like to explain what kind of project the „ Erasmus + “ is. It´s an exchange project where the chosen pupils of the Gregor-Mendel-Gymnasium can decide in which country they would like to go. The German ones are allowed to go to Sweden, Turkey, Spain, France or Norway. I chose Norway because I was interested in it, I took it because I won´t go there in my future. Normally I love going to warm countries like Spain, Italy and so on. But as I went with the other children Lea, Marie, Thao and Denisa to Norway we were surprised about it, impressed of the nature all around us and completely different to Germany and how we thought it will be.

Our teacher who flew with us to Norway was Mrs. Raub. She looked after us all the time and was very nice to us.

When we arrived at the airport in Bergen we were taken by a bus to in the city centre of Bergen. There we went to our hotel. After we checked in we were allowed to go together in one group through the second biggest city of Norway - Bergen. After our trip we were allowed to go in our rooms and then we went to sleep.

Bergen from above
Downtown Bergen

The next day we went through the city to take the speedboat. In a totally fantastic way we were driven about 2 hours to Boemlo, then one teacher of our exchange partners came and fetched us about 45 minutes to Langevag where our Norwegian exchange partners were expecting us.

My exchange partner was Ronja Larsen, she has two brothers and she´s 14 years old, like me. Her mother cooked something for us and then I went in my room and slept, because I was very tired after the whole stress and the wonderful impressions.

In the morning of Monday, I had to get up at 7.30, because our meeting was at 9 o´clock. There all pupils of each country showed each other their prepared presentations. The first presentation was one of the French guys - ­then it was our turn. The next group was Sweden, Turkey and in the end Spain. For the rest of the day we worked together in groups with pupils of each country. We made some social and environmental tasks. In the evening we made a tour de fjords/Boemlo round trip.

On Tuesday the teachers planed that we are going to visit the „Viking Poseidon “, that`s a popular ship in the harbour. Later at 11 o`clock we went by bus to the BREMNES SEASHORE where we saw how the salmon is grown up and how it works to prepare it for lunch. After the visit in the company they gave us some salmon as a present. In the evening we had a big event at the seaside. Everybody was allowed to go canoeing and fishing. We all had fun and I think that was the best of all because we had so much time to talk together or get to know better each other.

The speedboat

Our guide told us something
about the ship

The ship inside

On Wednesday our first meeting was at 8 o`clock in the morning because we had a kind of conference where everybody had to show a presentation again. After lunch we got a visit of a woman who told us something about Norway and its special things like the beautiful nature. And after that the other pupils finished their presentations. At 5 o`clock in the evening we were hiking in Espevaer through the nature at the seaside. Then we went to a big place where happened some special thing in the past ...some people in this region think that there was a UFO and “extra-terrestrials”.

The beautiful nature

On Thursday we were fetched by a bus to a „HYDRO POWER STATION “at 8 o`clock in the morning. Then the bus took us through a very nice part of our region – “Norway in a nutshell “. There we could take so many beautiful photos because nobody was there with us and it was so wonderful, because the weather was nice, too. High upon the mountain there was snow so we threw snowballs to the others and made a battle - in summer- we all had so much fun there!

The “Hydro Power Station”

On Friday, our last day with our new friends we worked at first in international groups at 9 o`clock in the morning. There we made a film about environmental challenges and a FACE dance whose choreography we made ourselves. After lunch we worked again in international groups. And then we prepared our party for our last evening with all countries. The party started at 6 o`clock pm and at the beginning we watched the films of the others. After that we were dancing our FACE dance and all teachers danced to the song „sorry “of Justin Bieber. Everything was full of fun and everybody was happy to be with the others…but then when it was 9 o´clock pm we all started to cry without the boys of course. We knew we won`t see us again ...maybe some people can visit their exchange partner but we all as a group ...that`s impossible and that made us very sad !!But we all missed our families and so we were happy, too, to fly home and we will be able to live our normal daily lifestyle again and see our friends again!!

Written by Maika


A shop at Bergen
Bryggen (Bergen)

Hello, my name is Marie and I'm from Germany. I'd like to tell you about my fantastic week in Norway.

We spent one day in Bergen, the second biggest city in Norway! We had a lot of fun there. On Sunday we went by boat to our exchange partners in Bømlo. It was such a nice trip. The sky was blue and the sun was shining. Marvelous!!! I was so excited to see my exchange partner again, I've already known her, because she stayed at my house in Germany and we had a lot of fun there.

On Monday we had some presentations and we built our own little cars. In the evening we visited some fjords. This was really interesting and fun. On Tuesday we visited the Viking Poseidon, it is a huge boat. It was interesting and we learned much about the boat. After this we went to a salmon factory. We were shown how the salmon is prepared for the shops. It was very interesting.

On Wednesday there were some presentations and we presented our international house. In the evening we visited the beach and had fun there. We did canoeing and fishing. The weather was really good. On Thursday we went to a power station . We were shown how they produce electricity using water power. It was interesting to see. After this we went to a shopping mall. We had a lot of fun there. In the evening we met at the farm of a friend.

On Friday we prepared the F.A.C.E dance for the evening. To have lunch we went to the beach and had fun there. In the evening there was the farewell party. We danced a lot and had fun there. But then there was time to say goodbye. This was really sad! I miss you all and I am really thankful for this great week in Norway!!!❤❤


Hello everybody !

It was an amazing week in Norway. My exchange partner Linda and her family were so nice and funny ;). I met new people and made a lot of new experiences. On Tuesday we went to the beach where we did some canoeing, we caught some fish and played football and I had so much fun. On Wednesday we had a conference which took six hours. Later we went to Espevaer where we did many activities and in the evening we had a party. On Thursday we went to the hydropower station and before we went home we had a snowball fight. Everyone threw a snowball at me and in the end I got a slight headache. On the last day we had to make a F.A.C.E. dance, but then we decided that we would do a dance together. The party was pretty cool and we all danced the duck dance.

It was a great week with you guys and I hope we will meet again! I miss you guys so much! ❤