Theatre - Workshop


An economic branch of our region with a very long tradition - the production of china!

On Thursday 20th October we went to Selb to visit a museum dedicated to an industry that has a very long tradition in our region. We learnt how china was produced in the past and how it is produced nowadays. Unfortunately competitors worldwide make it difficult for the china produced in our region to compete with countries where wages are much lower. So many china-producing factories had to close.



Healthy breakfast

On Friday 7th October 2016 around 40 pupils of our school went to Munich and visited the museum "Mensch und Natur" which is located close to Nymphenburg castle. Our guided tour lasted for more than two hours. First we were shown an exhibition on different foods from all over the world which was really interesting. Then we did a workshop on healthy breakfast where we prepared our own breakfast. That was fun and we learnt many interesting things about nutrition.



Open Day at GMG Amberg

During the open day at GMG Amberg on 22 July 2016 we presented our posters about environmental challenges and did a quiz on that subject to encourage our guests to read the posters carefully.


Project meeting - Amberg 2016


Watch these youtube-clips:


Environmental house

Solar Workshop

On December 16th 2015 Mr Lorenz Hirsch from the solar association of Amberg paid a visit to the pupils of 7d to discuss with them about renewable energies.

After a short introduction of our headmaster Mr Welnhofer who talked about the results of the climate conference in Paris, Mr Hirsch informed us about solar energy. It was a very good and instructive talk that we all liked very much.


Then we worked together in groups of three on solar energy. With the help of a small solar panel we found out how solar power works efficiently.


Then we put solar panels on our model of the environmentally friendly house. That was really complicated, because our roof was too flat.



Finally Mr Hirsch talked about the dangers of CO2 emissions.