About us

Gregor-Mendel-Gymnasium Amberg

Our school is a secondary school in Amberg which is situated 170 km away from Munich in Bavaria in the south of Germany.

Gregor-Mendel-Gymnasium was founded in 1833. Today the school teaches about 860 boys and girls (aged 10 -18) in three branches. One emphasizes sciences, one foreign languages, the third one economics. However, all students have to attend core subjects like math, German and two foreign languages.

The school takes pride in keeping up student exchange programs with schools in Hungary, France, England, the USA and China. Of course, we are very happy to have the chance to take part in such an interesting Erasmus+project.

We prepare our students for university. We have special groups for economics, languages and mathematics and natural sciences. Our motto is "Menschlichkeit - Offenheit - Qualität". We would like our students to become responsible citizens of Europe and therefore we give them many opportunities to train, for example in international projects.

Our school is very active in the field of the protection of the environment. For some years we have been trying to make our school environmentally friendly. We have separated our waste for many years, we have solar cells on our school roof, we have an "energy manager" in each class who is responsible for energy saving in the classroom (e.g. he/she has to switch off the lights if they are no longer needed, etc.). We are a so-called "Umweltschule in Europa" with three flags.

Moreover we are a so-called "Medienreferenzschule", we try to teach our pupils how to behave correctly and safely when using social media, etc. Moreover we have a well-known drama group that has won several prizes at smaller events.