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The environment


by Eloïse, Yaël, Emilie and Juliette

Earth Hour.ppt

by Clément, Tom and Valentin


Year of Light.ppt

by Thomas, Clément, Rémi and Simon

by Diane, Clémence, Fanny and Pierre


All the students of our school are carrying out different types of work for our F.A.C.E. project:

- The 6th grades work on the management of waste and recycling
- The 7th grades work on the topic of water and water treatment
- The 8th grades work on energies and fossil fuels
- The 9th grades work on global warming and climate change, with a detailed work on COP21

One scientific poster per topic will be made by students for our future European environmental exhibition.

Click on the following link to get an overview of the activities planned for each grade (French document):

6th grades

Burial of waste:
The 6th grades are working on biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste. To understand the difference between the two, they have buried waste in the school's garden with their biology teacher. In a few weeks, they will find out which type of waste has disappeared and which is still here!

Burial of waste.ppt

Visit of a waste treatment centre:
On March 23rd, several 6th grade students went to visit a local waste treatment plant. The plant, located in Mende (the main city in Lozère), applies rigorous methods for the treatment of waste (mechanical sorting out and burial of the waste, bioreactor...). The students were also amazed by the strong commitment of our county to manage waste in an efficient way as well as reduce the environmental impact of human activity in our region: thus specific precautions are applied for the burial of the waste, the gases emitted are systematically burnt, the heat produced is reused, etc. 
Two students from the Section Européenne, Rémi and Thomas, accompanied them to take some photos and shoot a video report. You can watch the photos in the slide as well as the video report below. A presentation was also made by the 6th grade students to explain what they learnt!

Waste treatment plant

Film waste treatment plant.mp4

Powerpoint visit of landfill site.ppt

How does a composter work?
The 6th grade students made a document called an "animated picture" to explain how a composter works. Go to the bottom of this page and click on the document entitled "Image_animee_Compost" to open it!

7th grades

How waste water is treated:
All 7th graders are working on water and the recycling of water with their biology teacher. 
They have made Prezi documents to summarize the knowledge they have acquired on this topic.

Visit of a local water treatment plant:
Some students from the 7th grades have visited a water treatment plant to get a concrete view of how water is "recycled". They have made a model of a water treatment plant with their physics teacher.
Here are some photos of the visit and the video report made by Yaël and Eloïse (9th graders) to interview the students who worked on this project:

Water treatment plant.mp4

Study of the rivers in Lozère:
The students made a KMZ document to present the specificities of rivers in Lozère. Click on the link below to see the document and learn about the experiments carried out by students by collecting samples of water to determine how well-preserved rivers in Lozère are!

You can also download the document from the bottom of this page and open it with "GoogleEarth".

8th grades

The 8th grades are working on energies and fossil fuels (documents to be uploaded soon).

9th grades
The 9th grades are working on global warming with their biology teacher. They have carried out scientific experiments to understand the mechanism of the greenhouse effect (see description of experiment below).
The "Section Européennes" (the 15 students who will carry out mobilities this year) have also worked more specifically on COP21 to understand the objectives of the conference. They have visited the official website and looked for specific information to fill in various worksheets as required by their English teacher. At the same time, they have started the work on the conception of the model of an ecological house. For this purpose:
-  they have had the visit of the manager of a local company that make energy-efficient houses to get knowledge on insulating materials (see photos in "News" section);
- they have made experiments to test the efficiency of different insulating materials (see description of experiment below);
- they have designed the model, thinking of how it should look and what materials/ecological equipments it should include.
Now they are going to carry out the construction of the model with their physics teachers.

Construction of the ecological house model:
Here is the film that shows the process of construction of the model by the 9th grades.

Construction house model.mp4

Here is the slideshow that was presented in Amberg on the technical concepts included in the model.

Click on the link: Presentation model Amberg

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