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Economy and health


As we did for year 1, all the students of our school are working on our two project topics: health and economy.

- The 6th grades are going to carry out an action on the importance of having a healthy breakfast.
- The 7th grades are going to study during regular classes (biology, English, P.E.) the importance of healthy nutrition to improve "performances". This interdisciplinary work will lead to the creation of a "health passport" for each student.
- The 9th grades "Prépa Pro" are going to carry out various sensitization actions within the school on the importance of eating local and seasonal products. Three times during the year, they will distribute local food such as fruit, juices, etc... to all the students of the school and explain the meaning of their action.

The work of the year will revolve around the discovery of the main local sector of activity in Lozère : agriculture. That's why the students are going to get the knowledge they need for the creation of the "Made Here" website and the European brochure through visits of local farms and food companies.
Various classes (6th grades, 7th grades, 9th grades) are going to visit local farms to get a better understanding of the production of milk, cheese and meat.
The 9th grades "Prépa Pro" will also promote local food products and companies by distributing some of their products to all the students of the school.

Click on the following link to read the French summary of this year's work that was distributed to the teachers in our school and uploaded to our school's website. 


6th Grades - How to have a healthy breakfast:
The 6th grades have been sensitized to the benefits of having a healthy breakfast to have a good start of the day. A dietician came to the school to explain to the students the nutritional values of breakfast. A breakfast was then organized at school based on organic and local food. Everyone enjoyed this meal, especially those who were not used to having breakfast in the morning. They are now considering changing their habits...

7th Grades - Work on healthy nutrition:
As part of their work on healthy nutrition, the 7th grades have made posters in English classes to summarize what they learnt: the posters explain what a balanced diet consists of.

They also made Prezi presentations on nutrition.

The 7th grades who are part of the science workshop also worked on the making of bread and yogurt.

9th grades - Tasting local products:
The 9th grades Prépa Pro are carrying out sensitization actions throughout the year with all the students in our school to show the importance of eating local and seasonal products. They want to show that eating local is good for everyone: you promote local companies as well as take care of your health!

- In October, they enabled the 300 students of our school to taste locally-grown organic apples and chestnut juice.

- In December, just before the Christmas holidays, they showed that even at Christmas, you can eat healthily! The students tried locally-made biscuits made only with healthy ingredients, and just the right quantity of sugar. The biscuits had two flavours, emphasizing local specialities : Thé d'Aubrac (tea which is grown locally) and Pain d'Epices (ginger bread). They also had organic apple juice to drink. It was delicious!

French eating habits:
The 14 students of the "Section Européenne" (9th graders) have made Presentations to explain French eating habits... They tried to give an overview of what is typical, usual, but also of their own habits as teenagers, which may be far from the cliché! They will soon tell us whether they think their lifestyle (including food habits) are healthy or not! Video coming soon...

Health videos:
Visit our YouTube channel to watch the videos made by the French students on how to improve their daily habits (nutrition and physical activity).


Visits of local farms:
The 14 students of the Section Européenne who have accompanied 5 classes from our school (around 100 students) on visits to local farms have written reports on what they learnt about local production of milk, cheese, meat and meat products.

 Here is the video report of their visit, followed by the articles for detailed explanations:

Visits of local farms

Articles on visits of local farms

Visits of local farms:
The 14 students of the Section Européenne have made brochures to present our local economy. The best one has been chosen to be part of the common multilingual European brochure gathering the brochures made by each partner country (soon to be published on our "Made Here" website : It is the one made by Anaïs, Julia and Chloé.
The brochures made by the 5 groups of students emphasize the specificities of our main sector of activity: agriculture and the food-processing industry.