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Culture and identity


As the previous years, the students from the 9th grade optional course "Section Européenne" will be the main actors of the project, but the project will also concern a lot of students from our school. The work will involve different aspects:
- creation of the F.A.C.E. play (writing of the first scene of the play by the French team)
- meeting with local artists and study of their work, as well as realization of a specific art work for the school on the topic "Local and European identity"


It is the 14 students of the "Section Européenne" who are involved in the writing and the staging of the F.A.C.E. play. They are working with the help of our Drama teacher Audrey Dagois who gives them advice on how to write and represent things on stage.
They are also going to work with the music teacher at creating musics to fit with the play.

Click below to read the scene written by the French students, the start of the play!


The students of the "Section Européenne" are also meeting various local artists for interviews and gain an insight into their work. This will lead to Prezi presentations and the creation of our common European "Calameo" art book with presentation of local artists and artworks.
All seventy-five 9th grade students will also get the chance to work with a local artist specialized in Street Art, Peter Weir, who will come to our school several times between January and March. During that time, both artist and students will create a permanent mural on the topic of European identity. This artwork will remain in the school as it will cover the walls of our covered playground.

Peter Weir

Click on the link below to read the biography and interview of Peter Weir :

The mural made by students with Peter Weir
In the document below, you will find the stages of the creation of the mural made by students at school with the help of Peter Weir. From the conception to the realization, you will see that the students have tried to represent European solidarity and friendship.

Mural with Peter Weir