This year, the students have worked on the topics of art and identity and making 3 different productions on these topics :
- a FACE play
- a FACE song
- FACE artbooks: there are wo different artbooks, one European digital book on local artists and one "real" book which will be an artistic creation made by the students during the last mobility in Norrköping, to represent what FACE means to them.

European FACE play :
During the last mobility in Norrköping in May 2018, the students rehearsed and performed the play they had worked on for the whole school year. Below you will find the leaflet that was given to the audience, the script of the play and of course the film of the play !

FACE play leaflet

FACE play.mp4

European FACE song :
The lyrics of the FACE song were written during the mobility in Nîmes (see below) and the song was recorded during the last project visit in Norrköping in May 2018. You can listen to it or watch it by clicking on the links below !

FACE song.doc

European FACE art book on local artists and FACE art book (artistic creation by students) :
Here is the digital book made by students from the different countries on local art and artists, with interviews of artists and photos of art works. Enjoy !

Here are the photos of the art book that the students made in Norrköping in May 2018 as reflection on the FACE project.

Photos art book

Mobility in Nîmes (February 2018) :
In February, the students met in Nîmes, France, with the purpose of advancing the work on the FACE play, by mutualizing the scenes previously written in their schools and making decisions as regards :
- modifications to be made for the general coherence of the play
- costumes, background pictures, musics

They also worked in international groups to write the lyrics of a European song which will be sung during the last mobility in Norrköping. A competition was held and the best lyrics were chosen by a jury of teachers. The song is then to be rehearsed in each school for its recording in May.

Lyrics written by the different groups:

Lyrics FACE song

The winner was group 5 ! Congratulations to Mar, Michaela, Elian, Henri and Ruben

Here is a video of the students' work on the play and song:

FACE play and song.mp4

This year's work on economy and health topics has led to three common productions:

Economy :
- a multilingual marketing brochure dedicated to the local economy of each of our regions. See Calameo document below and "Made Here" website to download it! The brochure was also printed for distribution within each of our schools and to the local community.

- our "Made Here" website on the local economy: it gathers the work made by students on the local products and specificities of their region and the multilingual brochure is also downloadable from the website. To visit the website, go to or click on the following link: Made Here website

Health :
- videos on how to lead a healthy lifestyle (see youtube channel).

- Apps on health and nutrition. The Apps were made by international groups of students during the mobility in Blanes. Spanish students were also interviewed on Catalan television to talk about their App "Mon Diabetic" ("Diabetic World") on the occasion of the TV3 Marathon.

Procedure to download the Apps:
- Open the document below to understand how the Apps were made and see how to dowload the Apps to your mobile.
- You can also go on Twitter (@FACE6erasmus) to download the Apps.
- For the "Diabetic World" App : you should download the MIT AI2 Companion App from the Play Store. Then you must install the file below: MonDiabetic_def.apk 

Health Apps

The work of the year was presented in Marvejols in France on the occasion of a European Economic and Health Fair which took place on June 1st and was open to the public. This fair was also an opportunity to present the main sector of Lozère, in France: agriculture and the food-processing industry. Various local producers were invited to present their know-how and sell their products, and various activities were organized in relation to agriculture (how to make cheese, butter, presentation of a beehive, of permaculture, etc.).

Economic and Health Fair Marvejols

See the video of the fair on our Youtube channel :

European Economic and Health Fair

We are organizing a contest to choose the name of our website which will present local products and major sectors of activity. Here are the two proposals made by the students of each country:

Let's face it - but locally!
From all over Europe

Near me
P.L.A.C.E. (Products of Local Artisans and Companies in Europe)

Face Local
Our Local Faces

"Discover in FACE"
"K.I.T.C.H.E.N." (Keep In Touch with Creative Healthy and Energetic Nutrition)

"Made Here"

"Unique ideas, products and places"


At the end of year 1, during the project visit that took place in Bomlo, Norway, a "European Environmental Conference" was organized to present the work carried out by each school during the year.
More specifically, the posters that were made by each country were gathered for a common European environmental exhibition.
Also, during the conference, an international team of students presented the final European house model gathering the concepts brought by each country.
To finish, people from different organizations were invited to talk about environmental issues and the use of environmental-friendly energies.

Here is a video that shows some moments of the conference:

European Environmental Conference

Here are the different posters that were displayed during the exhibition:

France :

You can click on the following link to read the posters: Posters France

Posters from Germany

Posters from Spain

Posters from Sweden




Posters from Turkey



Our international ecological house



At first each country built an eco-friendly house on their own and presented it in Germany in March 2016. There the physics teacher from each country decided on how the common house should look like, that means the best ideas of each national house were put in the international house.

What all houses had in common:
There were solar panels on every house for electricity and for heating water. Here you can see the solar panels on our international house.
There were wind turbines on 4 houses (not on the Swedish and not on the Norwegian). Here you can see our wind turbine.
All houses had containers to separate waste for recycling (glass, plastic, paper) and compost for organic waste, which can be seen here.
All houses were well insulated: triple layer glasses and choice of the best insulating material.

From the German house we took the fact that the solar panels have to be orientated towards the south.

From the Turkish house we took the compost with Californian worms.

From the Norwegian house we took the idea to collect the rain water. Their technological innovation is to collect the water to then separate the hydrogen to use it for heating.

From the Spanish house we took the idea to use LED lights and to have big glass walls. By hitting the glass wall, the sunbeams warm the air and heat the house thanks to holes in the house wall.

From the Swedish house we took the idea to have batteries in the basement connected to the solar panels. We store the energy in batteries in the basement so it can be used for heating in winter and air conditioning in summer. If there is a lot of electricity produced, we can share it with others.

From the French house we took the idea of the process of methanisation: a water treatment plant is under the house to clarify waste water. Bacteria clean the wastewater. The clarified water is then sent to a pond with plants. The gas emitted in the process (methane) is used for the heating.

Erasmus+ F.A.C.E.: Our ecological house


The students from the six schools have voted to elect the logo that will represent our F.A.C.E. project. The winner is logo n°6, made by French student Chloé Trochessec.
Congratulations to her! 

Here are the logos for the election of the project logo. You can see them below or by clicking on the following link:








                            n°7                                                        n°8

                         n°9                                                    n°10