Featured Presentations:

  • AAC&U Meeting: Student Success & the Quality Agenda (2013), "Creating a Culture of ePortfolios: A Model of Institutionalizing Integrative Learning"
  • TaskStream Webinar (2013), "Innovating with ePortfolios Follow-Up Event"
  • AAC&U Annual Meeting (2013), "Connecting ePortfolios to a 4-Year Developmental Plan"
  • Chronicle of Higher Education Webinar (2013) "Stimulating Innovation with ePortfolios"
  • AAEEBL Annual Conference (2012), "Connecting the Dots: ePortfolios and Integrative Leadership"
  • AAEEBL Annual Conference (2012), "Building a Developmental ePortfolio Program Model: The Course, Program, Assessment, & Professional ePortfolio Continuum"
  • HLC Conference on Quality in Higher Education (2012), "How to Implement ePortfolios on Your Campus, With TaskStream"
  • AAC&U General Education & Assessment Conference (2012), "Assessment, ePortfolios, & Experiential Learning: Expanding the Model"
Patrick Green, Director of Experiential Learning 
Center for Experiential Learning
Loyola University Chicago

Michelle Kusel, ePortfolio Program Manager
Center for Experiential Learning
Loyola University Chicago