TiM/EMAS Tutorial


Make sure that you have java installed in your system. 
Please visit     http://www.java.com/en/   to accomplish this prerequisite.
  • Make sure that you  De-compression tool (winrar or 7-Zip)to extract the downloaded TiM/EMAS.
  • Download TiM/EMAS.7z    Download
  • Extract the compressed file
  • Run Epitopes Prediction Software by double click TiM/EMAS
1- Upload the prediction model
2-Upload test data (fasta format or epitopes list)
3-Peptide length (Window length)
4-Prediction Method (Peptide method or residue based)
5-Input format (fasta sequences or epitopes list)
6-Make output file (add *.xls to open after prediction by excel)
7-Run Prediction

The result contain 4 columns:
    • First column  = Sequence ID
    • Second column = Position of the peptide in the sequence
    • Third column = The sequence of the peptide
    • Fourth column = The predicted score (between 1 and 0 )
    • Score 1 is better 0 is worse

The out put file that you saved can be open by excel and you can sort the result  by score or position

Case Study

Epitopes Prediction of PLRV.pdf       View Download

M.B. Youssef, H.A. Nour El-Din, W.F. Abd EL-Wahed and A.A. Hemeida, 2012. Application of Epitopes Prediction for Antibodies Production against Potato Leaf Roll Virus. International Journal of Virology, 8: 121-127.
DOI: 10.3923/ijv.2012.121.127
URL: http://scialert.net/abstract/?doi=ijv.2012.121.127