God has given you enough powers and potential space in your mind to create any thing you want in your life in materialistic or spiritual way. It is your choice how you want to lead it whether good or bad or leave everything to Him and let it create as it comes. Clear this notion that whatever comes, comes through Fate or Destiny, no way you are going to get without a thought, applying your mind and right targeted actions. Is it possible really to get what you want? Yes sure, you can create, make your wish set your goals and go for it in a positive way with trust and faith, nothing is impossible for you to achieve. It is a general practice for any person who is optimistic and hard working. But if you want to touch some goals which you consider difficult or impossible to achieve in your life is what my program and book, "ENLIGHTEN THE LAMP OF YOUR FORTUNE*" is all about which will make your dreams a possibility. It's a practical way how you can achieve what you want in life with bigger and impossible targets or when things turns against you and you don't find any solutions for that and totally rely on God or someone to help you out to come for your rescue. 
    It is a sure shot method by which you can do any good creation for you and your family with least efforts just sparing few minutes of time in a day. You can do this program sitting in your office, home or moving in a car, plane, or a train or any where. No worshiping, chanting of Mantras are required and any person of any faith, religion, region can perform this at ease.
   The greatest tool is the trust and faith with which if you do this program yourself after reading above book or under guidance of Mentor you can solve your problems of life.
  I wish you success and wish that all your realistic dreams may come true soon but ensure that you really mean it in your life seriously with undertaking that you will help society or poor or downtrodden people if you achieve your goals.

Dinesh Sahay
Mentor, Author and maker of program