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*General terms and conditions as given below for book, "Enlighten the Lamp of your Fortune*" and all programs given in this website/blog:


“This agreement is between the owners of the program, “Enlighten the lamp of your fortune” in legal term “Mentor” and the person who is doing this program is called “Programmer”. The programmer has read all terms and conditions and has agreed to these terms and conditions detailed below, by accepting here on the website link it is construed that programmer has agree to all of our terms and conditions”.

1. This program is of spiritual and mental nature, it’s success will solely depends on the God’s will and His manifestation, and how committed are you to do this program, so Mentor shall not be responsible personally or legally for the results obtained through this program and is not binding on me in any way. 

2. Mentor cannot guarantee the program’s success which will depend on the programmer’s mindset and God’s will. 

3. The program,” Enlighten the lamp of your fortune” is for good causes/charities and the part of the earnings and collection will go for charitable causes which may please be noted. Hence the money paid shall not be refunded in any circumstances. 

4. Any legal suits in any circumstances shall have to be in the jurisdiction of Kanpur city UP India only. 

5. The creation is a part of mind and God’s grace, so the success of the program will depend on the will of God and not me (Mentor) the owner of the program and I am only mentor in this program. The program is indicative only for making dreams possible which will depend on individual factors as described here in the terms and conditions and the website pages. The programmer has read all pages before he/she goes for this program is construed and accepted the credibility of the program.

6. In case of any bad event, loss or harm in physical, financial, personal and mental form and in any eventuality is the responsibility of the person who is doing the program,( the programmer) and not the mentor, the owner of the program in any way. 

7. No compensation is paid to anyone, (the programmer) who is doing this program if anyone bears any loss, harm, or any event which is not in the interest of programmer and they are not binding on the mentor, to pay anyone as this is sole responsibility of the programmer who is doing the program. 

8. The programmer is solely responsible for the events related after or during the program. The role of the mentor is only to help and show direction and not the ultimate results which are the responsibility of the programmer and his personal performance and other factors like God’s will, positiveness, trust etc given here in the terms.

9. The programmer will ensure that this program is done for only good causes for his/her dreams manifestations, prosperity, solution to problems and in no way the programmer may try to harm any person or persons through this program method. It is strictly not allowed and the programmer agrees not to do this programme to harm anyone. 

10. This program is solely for the mentor who is doing this program and the mentor agrees not pass to the content of the program and the content of website to any other person/persons and shall not copy or reproduce it in any other format which is strictly not allowed. In case if the mentor at any stage reproduce or copy the program and market or sells the program is liable to legal suit and compensation from the Mentor. 

11. The programmer will be informed to interact with the mentor during the course of program in any such request comes from the mentor will depend on the queue and the on Chat, emails, video conference, telephone etc, hence programmer will have to wait for his turn and shall be informed accordingly. 

12. Programmer will have to maintain cordial relationship with mentor and should obey the instructions as per program for making it a success and any deviation from this such as misbehaving, use of bad language and disobeying the instructions of mentor and as given in the program content, mentor has right to discard the programmer and stop giving the help to the mentor through the emails, chat, video conference, telephone and personal interviews as per the plan which is selected by the programmer. It is a relationship of a teacher/mentor with a student or a guru with disciple which the programmer should understand and shall have to agree. 

13. Mentor has every right to change, add or delete anything in the content of the website and the program at any point of time and shall not liable to inform the programmer. Mentor is also not liable to reply to mentor in event of such changes if any, and mentor should follow the instructions in the content and accept in special cases where the mentor thinks it is necessary to convey the programmer which is the prerogative of the mentor. 

14. The programmer shall have to maintain strict secrecy while doing the o make it a success and should not discuss or reveal it to other persons, by revealing and discussing it with others may jeopardize the program and appropriate results cannot be achieved. 

15. Wish fulfillment will depend on the patience of the programmer so he has wait for the time for the success of the program. Programmer should maintain it and should agree to this clause. 

16. The programmer has to undertake all actions required on ground to facilitate the program’s success and mere doing this program makes no sense in achieving the results hence the programmer has to make all actions required in the direction of wish, dream, goal and solution to individual problems. 

(Terms and conditions for the program and book put up by the author/Mentor Dinesh Sahay)

BY PLACING ORDER FOR BOOK OR PROGRAM OR BOTH It is construed that  you agree to all terms and conditions given in AS ABOVE.