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Mode of payment:

1. By Bank Transfer; Name of account holder Dinesh Sahay , Bank HDFC Bank Branch SCO 139/140 Sector 21- C Faridabad Haryana Pin 121001  Current Account no. 06152000001191  IFSC Code: HDFC0000615.

2.  by depositing cheque/draft at any ATM Drop Box of HDFC Bank or any of the branches of HDFC Bank in your city/town:

 Please deposit a/c Payee cheque/draft at any ATM Drop boxes of HDFC Bank or deposit to any of its branches of HDFC Bank,  a/c Payee/crossed cheque/draft in favor of “Dinesh Sahay” “Current account No. 06152000001191” . Pl do not forget to write details at the back of cheque/draft  as above account No, name of holder( Dinesh Sahay), HDFC Account no (as above),  branch & address (as above). Please sms all details of payment with your name, city, plan you choose/book and your email address to Dinesh at Mob: 09560249729 or email us at query.makeyourdreams@gmail.com or support@makemydreams.org.

Please choose any of the below given plans below (charges revised w.e.f.1 st January 2013).

  A - Charges for only Book is Rs 500/- only in PDF Format which will be sent at your email address. 

You have to send us following details at our email address query@makeyourdreams@gmail.com

*1. Name 2. City/Town 3. State. 4. email address. 5. Chose book or any of the plans 6. Fill the format and  you have *agree to terms and conditions which are applicable to all programs.


Rates w.e.f 1st January 2013.

1. General plan
In this plan you will be sent complete details and a Program Book in PDF Format  with option to write back your problem/wish/dream/goal and it is very simple to do every day, till you achieve your main objective or near to your goal. One can ask query and guidance on email too. 

                                                                                                                                                                                      Charges you pay….   1500   

2. Silver plan

Here you will be sent complete details with Program Book in PDF Format and with option to write back your problem/wish/goal/dream, Plus option to interact on telephone or chat/video/ conference/email.                                                                                               Charges you pay….     2500 

3. Gold plan
You will be sent complete details of program and format with option to write back your problem/goal/wish dream Plus chat/video conference Plus help on telephone/mobile and your personalized call/visit/interview for guidance with me personally.                    Charges you pay….        5000 

 You can send SMS at 09560249729 giving “your name, city, state, country and email” for free preview of the program book or send payment details or queries.  Also at query.makeyourdreams@gmail.com

For Corporate/Company/Business houses Charges are INR 50,000 plus other charges**








ORDER FOR PROGRAM( Normal,Silver or Gold):   Please specify.


"Enlighten the Lamp of your Fortune*" Book/Program

Website: https://sites.google.com/site/enlightenthelampofyourfortune/home/

*Terms and conditions apply.

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