The Secret of Wish Fulfillment is revealed for the First Time by the author Mr. Dinesh Sahay in his Book, "Enlighten the Lamp of your Fortune*". You can learn the Art of Creation in actual life by Thought Power, Power of your mind, Power of your Spoken Words, Power of Writing and Right Targeted Actions. 

  This book consist of complete method and procedure for your wish fulfillment for which you have to spare few minutes of your time in a day, and you can follow this program sitting at your work place or home, moving in plane or train and wherever are you. You will find miraculous results once you start this program by observing some sudden activity in the direction of your wish or dream within few days of start of program.

  It is not a joke, people don't believe this but when such persons went for this program have seen wonders in their lives. Yes, it is possible for you to create what you want by thought power, power of your spoken words, writing power and right actions and you can transform your dreams/wishes into reality in actual life as per your own choices. 

  You can solve all your own problems related to your life, problems of your company/business within no time. 
  You can become rich and abundant. 
  You can have a good job of your choice, wish for promotions, transfers and seek better prospects in your job in time bound manner.
  You can chose your Divine partner of your life and marry him destined by God.
  You can become rich and abundant even if you don't have resources right now.
  Corporate houses can increase their turnover grow and expand their industry to greater heights and train their employees to achieve desired and targeted results as per preset deadline.
  You can recover from illness and keep good health.
  Students can chose their right subjects and line and focus on studies.
  Anything can be achieved by your will, thought, your spoken words, right Targeted actions in stated time but how to get right results is what this book/program, "Enlighten the Lamp of your Fortune"* is all about subject to your mindset, trust, faith and belief system.
   Anyone can read this book or join this program and make their life, prosperous, happy and peaceful irrespective of any religion, caste or region he belongs to. 

   Life is like riding on a bicycle, if you don't peddle it, you will fall down. You can consider life like a note book and out of all pages, two pages have been written by God. 1st page is birth and 2nd page is death. All center pages are empty which you have to fill by applying your mind, thought, by your spoken words, actions into your life. God will manifest all in your life which you fill between the empty pages. You are responsible for your life so don't blame anyone even God for what happens in your life. You are the creator of your life which is the truth. There is no such thing like destiny or fate in man's life.

  If you have a point of view on anything and everything under the sun, if you believe that life you want to lead as per your per your ideas, thoughts, goals, dreams, deadlines and wishes, then be ready to enjoy believing in self, trust that God is ever ready to fulfill your every desire that you make which is not selfish and which contributes to the society and for the benefit of the poor, downtrodden and under privileged. 

  Life is not about living for self or with selfish ends but to serve the mankind which is the our motto and our aim is to think Big and live simple, believe in giving because giving is receiving in the terms of God, share with others what you have now but continue for asking for more. If you have a thirst for creating exciting life and have the drive to excel in whatever you dream, then surely have a place for you that you will be remembered for your good deeds which you have done for others than been remembered and forgotten for leading selfish life as you leave this world.

    Life is not a mystery but a celebration and creation of happiness, healthy, prosperous and peaceful life. There is no such thing like Fate or Destiny in the life of a man; you simply create it by asking yourself or God and manifestation comes from God/Nature/Universe as per your belief system, faith and mindset.
   Please remember trust, faith, confidence and positive beliefs are the most important tools, which create positive events and happenings in our lives. You are the creator of your destiny by God's grace. You actually create your life and destiny which will depend on how you think, speak, look, feel, hear, touch, smell and impressions from inner and outer world and how you finally act on those. There is no such thing as fate or Destiny in a man's life, you simply create it and.......................................... That’s it. 

   1. Sage, Yogi Vashita said in our Hindu ancient scripture; "Fate or Kismat is the invention of fools and does not exist. Whoever believes in it and is obsessed with divine fate, is the enemy of his own soul. He perishes, destroying his own good worth and prosperity". 

2. “You are the creator of your own destiny which is stored for you by God. He releases all manifestation in your life on demand by your thoughts and actions..................... It’s as simple as this”. 

3. “Your destiny is locked between your past and present thoughts. It’s a fight between past thoughts and the present ones. The thoughts that strive hard, win. Thoughts are manifested in one’s life accordingly, successfully or unsuccessfully”. 

Every event in life is due to our past thoughts and actions whether it is good or bad. Our each thought and spoken words are recorded in our subconscious mind which creates action in our life by the Universe/nature/God. You can change your situation in your life from unlucky to lucky, create what you want by changing your mind set by power of your mind, spoken words, action, writing power and power of your mind. And that is what my program, “Enlighten the Lamp of your Fortune*" is all about.

 I have experimented this during my life with many who were associated with me and they were surprised to see this amazing self-creation.
      If you really want to see your dreams/wishes to come true in your life, please identify them and prioritize them as no. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and read my book, "Enlighten the Lamp of your Fortune*" and/ or join my online program.


  Price of the Program Book, "Enlighten the Lamp of your Fortune*" Rs 500 (in PDF format). Online program; Normal plan: Rs 1500 only on email/ chat/video conference/Tel. Silver Plan Rs 2500 and Gold plan Rs 5000 (for individuals), and for Corporate/Industry/Business Houses Rs 50, 000 (plus other charges)

You can choose fro any option either order for book,"Enlighten the Lamp of your Fortune or joining any of the programs by paying as given on payment page.

  You can also visit my website www.makemydreams.org, sign up and register. Join online program or buy book "Enlighten the Lamp of your Fortune*". See action in your life starting from 3rd day onward in the direction of your dreams/wishes in reality depending on your mindset subject to terms and conditions given on website.

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