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Projekt: "LiterActive" - Priority Sector Report Europa INNOVA Paper n. 16 - @diversity - European Commission

LiterActive Book2Film Platform

Link: LiterActive - the monthly magazine for the iPad

Project by Alfonsina Scarinzi (contact: alfonsinascarinzi[at]


Book2Film Plaform

LiterActive is the idea to create a monthly magazine for the iPad alone called LiterActive. LiterActive will offer interactive graphic book reviews, interviews and reports around the book-to-film adaptation processes from the selection of novels and short stories for film adaptation for adults and children to the promotion of their adaptations to film.


LiterActive will improve the cultural landscape in two ways: 1) by making literary criticism for the sector of book-to-film adaptation available via iPad LiterActive will enhance its cross-cultural diffusion. Every issue of LiterActive will center around a theme of interest for the sector of the book-to-film adaptation. LiterActive will publish possible selective interpretations of contemporary novels and short stories from all over the world which can please or serve both the audience of the film industry and the target of the literary book market. In this way LiterActive will contribute to the creative undertaking of adapting literary works to film, which has always been a challenging undertaking, for book-to-film adaptations can fail by being too faithful or by being not faithful enough. 2) LiterActive will be the first magazine for the iPad which augments the words of literary reviews and criticism, of interviews and reports with visuals offering the possibility of enhancing the experience of analysis and interpretation of literary works of art for the film industry through interactive graphic reviews, interviews and reports. This is a novel idea, for so far only storytelling or literary texts themselves (fiction and poetry) have been brought to iPad in an interactive form. LiterActive can improve the participatory access to the possible cross-cultural meaning and interpretations of literature for international film adaptations.


LiterActive is for the iPad. The realization of this idea makes use of an App which augments the written texts or the words with visuals like the one "Museum of London" developed for making Dickens interactive and which is called "Dickens: Dark London App" which creates an interactive graphic novel. In the book reviews and interviews published in LiterActive the written text will be augmented with visuals, these are images arranged in comic-style pages. In LiterActive they will illustrate the interpretations of passages from the book the reviewer is talking about. No voice narration will be used. The system leaves the reader to advance the panels themselves. In other words, the texts in LiterActive are interactive mixed texts: the written text on a panel and the topic it deals with continue on the next panel again in form of an illustration in form of comic-style pages and on the next panel again in form of written text. The images are not interruption of the written text, they are the integral part of the way the topic is analyzed in a critical way and have the function to make enjoyable through visuals the point of view supported in the text, and hence they make it more "visible".

Target Group

Stakeholders in the field of film industry, book fairs, film festivals, publishing houses, PR consultancies in the creative industry and cultural event organization, web designer for culture, writers and readers of literary works of art, publishing editors or editorial directors. Young adults between 25 - 35 with a university degree in the humanities, communications, digital communications, working as teachers in a multicultural national and international environment, working as screenwriters, as web designers, working in the sector of public relations for the cultural industry. Younger people (18-25) who wish to work in the vibrant field of cultural and creative industry and who wish to have a fresh look into the market of book-to-film adaptations, literary works of art, film adaptations and interactive technologies.


The next steps to be done for the pilot project to realize the idea are listed in the following: - creating the team for the pilot project I can work with to develop a prototype of LiterActive ( 1 editorial assistant with a background in the humanities and with experience in literary criticism, film analysis and intertextuality, foreign languages; 1 web designer, 1 illustrator, 1 PR-expert) - Designing the website for LiterActive which will have five sections:

    1. "The bookworm" will select and review plot and story of contemporary novels and short stories from all over the world with the potential of being adapted to film;

    2. "Momo's Corner" will select and review contemporary novels and short stories for children which can be adapted to film or cartoon for children;

    3. "The Opening Line" (it refers to the first lines of novels and short stories) offers a graphic interactive interview with an author about the adaptation of opening lines to opening scenes for a film;

    4. "Destination Book Fair" contains interactive graphic reports about the stands of publishing houses where suitable books for the film industry can be found;

    5. "The Making of a Book Prize" will be the interview to a member of a prize committee answering the question "what makes a book attractive for the film industry?" - Creating and Implementing the APP - Identifying the topics for the first issues. - creating the illustrations for the panels - identifying the partners of LiterActive


Two sustainability strategies for LiterActive can be adopted: 1) creating in addition to an international issue of LiterActive local bi-national bi-lingual issues of LiterActive selecting the partners among the regions which according to the Priority Sector Report Europa INNOVA Paper n. 16 have a far lower than expected representation of creative and cultural industries: Bari, Duesseldorf, Ireland, Katowice, Naples, Palermo, Valencia, Warszawa, Lyon and Marseille. 2) seeking increased convergence between the specific topics LiterActive will deal with and topics of interest for national governments in the development of national creative and cultural industries through a dialogue between national book markets for literature and international film industry.

Alfonsina Scarinzi, M.A., Dr. phil.