In A Nutshell: Right Information and Misleading Websites

An Email about this topic was sent out on 14/2/2015

Dear colleagues,

on the net different websites about my project "Aesthetics and the Embodied Mind" which were not created by the coordinator of this project are available. They oft report partial or misleading information. It can happen.

In order to help you to navigate through different websites referring to my project in a misleading or partial way this section was created. Hopefully it also helps other colleagues to better understand the criteria and the developments of this project.

In the following misleading and partial information available on the net are integrated with complete and right information about this project.

1) The website in the following is misleading because it refers to EUCOG III as the network that structures the 2nd conference "Aesthetics and the Embodied Mind". The organizer and coordinator of 2nd conference is the project initiator of "Aesthetics and the Embdied Mind" Dr. phil. Alfonsina Scarinzi. She is a member of the network.

2) The website in the following is misleading because it indicates the interaction design foundation as the organizer. The organizer is Alfonsina Scarinzi, Dr. phil. (EucogIII). The interaction design foundation published the call for participation in the 2nd conference.

3) The website is misleading because it refers to a Summer School and details are missing.