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Breathfulness Intensive and more

The way you breathe can say a lot about how you live your life. During the intensive individual sessions I guide you on how to open your breath and use your respiratory system more fully. And with pressure points and affirmations you can actually release old emotions that you have been holding onto and by unblocking them your life energy will flow more freely.

Individual sessions with Adults
Do you have negative beliefs about yourself that keep you from achieving your goals? Would you like to experience more JOY in you life? Would you like to build your self esteem and have more trust in yourself? Do you want to let go of old emotions that are in the way in your life? Do you want to FEEL again? Harmonising Breathing can work on all these things and remove the so called 'onion' layers of repressed material that we all build up in the course of our lives.

I invite you for a session and give yourself the gift of this experience. I am quite sure you would like to continue breathing like this.

Individual sessions with Children
Children who suffer from hyperactivity, hypersensitivity, anxiety, anger toward siblings, overwhelming fears or concentration problems can be helped through breathing sessions. From our birth onwards we have so many different experiences which have an effect on our breathing. Even the birth itself can be having a huge impact which can influence the way we breathe. When we learn this breathing technique early in our lives it can prevent us from so many unwanted behaviours and beliefs later in life.  

Group Sessions

Breathing in a group can be extremely powerful because the different energies of the people breathing are integrated. I give sessions to a maximum of 3 people at the same time. It is a very powerful way to breathe in a group. I do this with people who have had at least one session individually.

Once in a while I also give 3,5 hourly workshops on Saturday mornings. During these workshops I explain about the breath and its relation to the way we live our life, do breath analysis and give you information about your breathing pattern in relation to your life and I facilitate a full Breath Session. I either do workshops for people who have not yet experienced the breathing session so they are for the so called 'first timers' or for the more advanced clients I use themes that we work around during the workshop.
The workshops are fun and joyful and you will leave feeling lighter and energized.

The Breathfulness program
This program is designed and developed for people who feel disconnected from their bodies (they are a lot in their minds). In 6 steps (6 meetings) you will learn how to get back in touch with your body again and to listen to the signals your body gives you. It is to increase your awareness about the 4 pillars of breath, nutrition, exercising and relaxation. After the program you will have increased body awareness through your breathing, discovered where you fundamental basis is and increased your breathing potential, among others. Through breathing exercises, meditation and awareness creation you can reconnect with your body and find more balance in your life.

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