Breathfulness program

Breathfulness inspires you to choose your path and live life to the fullest. It is a way of life to expand your awareness and to live your life in fulness, from a dynamic, inspiring relationship between your body, mind and soul. Breathfulness gives you tools and awareness about aspects that are necessary for this and are built around the most important 4 pillars of your life: Breath, Nutrition, Exercise and Relaxation.

The fulness of your life increases when all 4 pillars come into balance and if you experience that they strengthen each other. 

1) Breath
This is the main pillar of Breathfulness. We breathe every minute of the day and night. It happens automatically and we think it is all working fine for our bodies. Almost 90% of all people have restricted breathing patterns. Instead of using the full respiratory system they only tend to use a small part. Hence, our intake of oxygen is only around 30% of what it could be. The Harmonising Breathing technique opens the breathing system and works on 3 levels; physical, mental/emotional and spiritual levels.

2) Nutrition
Your physical body also needs food 'to keep the motor running'. Good and well balanced food gives you energy and gives the building materials for your vitality and optimal functioning. Nowadays, unfortunately most food is processed and all vitamins and minerals have disappeared. And often this creates that we are emotionally out of balance. Nutrition has an influence on your consciousness. Breathfulness gives you awareness to feel again what food does to your body and to make the right choices which food is serving your and which is not. 

3) Exercise
Body and mind need exercise.