Breathful means: full of breath or living. Breathfulness is the fullness of breath or the fullness of Life. The way we breathe tell a lot about the way we live our lives.

Breathfulness inspires you to choose your path and live life to the fullest. by looking at the connection between the most important 4 pillars of your life: Breath, Nutrition, Exercise and Relaxation.

The fullness f life is achieved when you believe in your own creative power, trust on your self healing capacity and take self responsibility from a holistic self image to make the choices that create harmony in your life.

The fullness of your life increases when all 4 pillars come into balance and if you experience that they strengthen each other.

1) Breath
This is the main pillar of Breathfulness. We breathe every minute of the day and night. It happens automatically and we think it is all working fine for our bodies. Almost 90% of all people have restricted breathing patterns. Instead of using the full respiratory system they only tend to use a small part. Hence, our intake of oxygen is only around 30% of what it could be. By using harmonized breathing we can open the breathing system and that works on 3 levels; physical, mental/emotional and spiritual levels. It harmonises all levels so it can work in balance with each other.

2) Nutrition
Your physical body also needs food 'to keep the motor running'. Good and well balanced food gives you energy and gives the building materials for your vitality and optimal functioning. Nowadays, unfortunately most food is processed and all vitamins and minerals have disappeared. Very often this creates a lack of nutrients in our body and we can become not only physical but also emotionally out of balance. Nutrition has an influence on your consciousness. Breathfulness gives you awareness to feel again what food does to your body and to make the right choices which food is serving your and which is not. 

3) Exercise
Body and mind needs exercise in order to function. However, many people do not use the bike anymore to move from A to B or use the elevator when they can instead use the stairs. Our bodies move less and less. But moving your body has many benefits like it enhances the capacity of your lungs to take in oxygen, it literally gives you more air. It also connects your mind with your body and ensures you can 'empty' your head. Also you can build your muscle power so they can't get weak. With exercising we also mean, taking the dog for a walk, dancing and walking in nature for example. As long as your body is moving more than 10 minutes consecutive it will an impact on your well being. Breathfulness takes exercise into account when it comes to finding a balance in life.

4) Relaxation
This one is often forgotten as we don't really think about getting enough relaxation built in into our lives. But our bodies cannot be in tension all the time. There needs to be a balance between effort (tension) and relaxation. Tension which is physical but also mental is something we look at. If we constantly want to control things and people we put our body at stress because it is very difficult to let go. Breathfulness regards relaxation as one of the four pillars that needs to be in balance for our body, mind and spirit to be in balance. Relaxation can be reading a book, going for a massage but can also be meditation.

In Breathfulness we look at all those elements from a holistic viewpoint and by the assumption that we have a great self healing capacity and self responsibility.  No one else can make lifestyle adjustments. It is ONLY YOU who can do that. But with the Breathfulness program we can give you a little and gentle push and help you with making the adjustments by creating awareness and letting you experience what for example the Breath can do with you and how it can change the way you live your life.

Breathfulness challenges you not only to understand about the fullness of life but also to integrate, to feel and to live the awareness you have gained.