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Testimonials from clients

About the sessions:

"What an incredible feeling has this breathing technique given me. I feel soooo much more alive!. Thank you. L. (Uganda)

" After 5 sessions I have become pregnant, which I thank to unblocking my fears by the breathing technique you have taught me". 
E. (Uganda)

"I have just had the most incredible journey. Thank you so much".
G. (Djibouti)

"You have changed my life. I love you!" A. (Djibouti)

"I finally felt really breathing. I feel much more open then before the session" M. (Djibouti)

"I have relived the birth of my children during this session and it has given a lot of peace over me. Thank you". D. (Djibouti)

"I just feel very very happy. I can't stop smiling. Thank you very much". S. (Djibouti)

"I feel very safe with you". D (Djibouti)

"It is a great opportunity to do good to yourself and I am amazed what breathing can do.." I.L 

About the trainings:

"She is very patient, always taking her time to answer questions fully. Her voice and her demeanour is quite soothing and it makes it easy to relax around her". S (Djibouti)

"You are a great teacher; your voice helped during the exercises and it is easy to understand you (you use good images or pictures to help to understand." M (Djibouti)

"Ingrid is a good trainer, gives examples and is really powerful for guiding meditation and exercises." I.L (Djibouti)