Coaching by definition is not advising nor mentoring. Coaching is using different techniques to get the client to find their own answers. The client is resourceful is therefore always one of the principles of coaching. And the coach's role is to develop the client's resourcefulness through skilful questioning, challenge and support. The clients sets the agenda the coaching is always about change and action. Clients come to a coach because they want something to change.


Some examples of issues that clients can come with to be coached on are: 
    • Improve an important relationship
    •  to have a more balanced life
    • to become more organised
    • not knowing how to deal with a difficult boss at work
    • wanting to find his or her passion in life
    • want to find a new job but doesn't know which career path to take
    • want to change their lifestyle but can't get to the action of change

Together with the client we set the objectives and the number of initial coaching sessions and we start from there.