Breath Session explained

What can you expect when you come for a session? I will try to give you some explanation on what will happen.

Before we start with a breathing session I will do an intake where I will ask you many questions about your health at present, how it has been in the past, what kind of issues you have at the moment to deal with etc etc. This can take about 1 hour and I will also explain how the breathing session will be able to be assisting you in finding answers you have been looking for. . After this intake we will make another appointment for the breathing session.

When we are born we have a very open and full breath which always starts with what we call a belly breath. This means that on the inhale the abdominal area expands and on the exhale it descends again. And when babies breathe the chest area also moves nicely up and down with the in and exhales. So, we are born with a full breathing capacity using our whole respiratory system from the lower belly area until the throat area. And the main muscles we are to use are the diapragm and the intercostal muscles located between the ribs. Unfortunately, our breathing usually gets restricted when we grow up as we start to have tension in our bodies because of fear, anger and sadness. This all has a great impact on our breathing.

During the session I will guide you in finding this once natural breath again without using other muscles like back and shoulder muscles which often have replaced the 2 main breathing muscles which in turn create often neck and shoulder problems. Although you may feel as if you have to work a lot in order to use your diaphragm again, this feeling usually disappears after a few sessions. After you have found your abdominal area again for your breathing the next step is the rhythm of your breathing. We want to make sure you find a good and suitable rhythm for you, whereby the inhale is naturally a bit longer than the exhale, although the volume of the in and exhale remains the same. The exhale is completely relaxed.

Lastly we try to make the breathing connected; with these we mean that there are no pauses between the inhale and the exhale. We only do this during a session as it is not doable to do this always. The reason for making the breathing connected is because it make it easier to unblock the physical, mental and emotional limitations that you have created and to optimise the biochemical processess in your cells. 

I use acupressure on certain points in the body to open up some emotional tension (stagnated energy) that has been building up in those areas which might be a bit painful. By stimulating the point the flow of the breath, oxygen, reaches the tension area which has a low vibrational frequency. Oxygen has a higher vibrational frequency and makes the energy to flow again. When you are able to release some of the charge that has been building up around some points you will feel immediately that your breathing will be fuller and more open.  that

Next to the acupressure I also use affirmations. You might have underlying beliefs like you are not good enough to receive love or you are not allowed to show your feelings and emotions because you have had past experiences that have made you believe these thoughts. The affirmations will re-program your mind to more positive thoughts about yourself.

After the active part of the session where I faclitate your breathing, apply pressure and use affirmations you go into a relaxation which usually lasts about 15 -25 minutes. You will be able to deeply relax and many people get insights about their issues and feel very light when they are ready to come back in their normal state. Because the energy flow continues to work on the body integration takes place.